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Exam Pattern For NEET 2020

Exam Pattern For NEET 2020

Medical aspirants who want to get admitted into the medical colleges in India should crack the NEET exam. Be it MBBS or BDS, it is important for the students to clear NEET exam. This exam is one of the toughest tests in India. Students who crack this exam will have a myriad of options before them that they can go with. This NEET 2020 exam will be conducted in the month of May and the students have already started preparing for it rigorously. It is important for the aspirants to know about the exam pattern of NEET beforehand so that they can perform their best in the exam.

This article deals with the pattern of NEET exam along with some important things that the aspirants have to know about it.


The NEET exam is conducted for three hours which means 180 minutes. In these 180 minutes students have to answer 180 questions. These questions will come from three subjects- Physics, Chemistry and Biology with 45, 45 and 90 questions respectively in each subject. The exam is conducted offline only so students have to be familiar with the OMR sheets and how to bubble in them.

There are so many instances where students didn’t bubble answers properly and which has also resulted in some issues too. So, students have to be pretty careful with the bubbling system here. Another thing that students have to keep in mind is that they won’t be able to go back once they select an answer. Erasing an answer and bubbling another one is impossible so students have to be careful while picking the right answer too.

NEET 2020 will have negative marking too. For every wrong answer, the students will get ¼ mark deduction. The total marks will be 720 marks which means that for every right question, students will get 4 marks and for every wrong answer they will be losing one mark. As it is an offline exam, aspirants should deal with these questions with caution.

The best thing about this exam is it is conducted in regional languages also. This helps the students who don’t know English. There are a total of eight languages in which this exam is conducted other than English and Urdu. Those languages are Telugu, Oriya, Gujrati, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Assamese and Bengali. Students can pick the language that they want to write an exam in during the application process of the exam. But there is a catch here. Students have to remember that the regional language that they choose will depend on the place they are writing their exam in. For suppose, students won’t get Tamil paper in Andhra Pradesh and vice versa. Only English, Hindi and Urdu papers are the ones that are available across the country. After picking a language in application, the aspirants won’t be able to change it. It is a strict rule that students have to follow under any circumstance.

How to Apply?

NEET exam is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) and they have already given the exam data as May 3rd. There is no offline application method, students have to visit the official website and apply for their examination with ease. They will have some time to edit their details in the application form after submission. Once this time is over, the aspirants won’t be able to change these details. The exam is conducted across 157 regions all over the country and students can prefer their own examination center.

Preparation Tips

  • It is important for the students to be healthy and active during the exam. This is the reason why you should get ample rest and eat only healthy foods. Avoid any kind of junk food and eat only fresh and healthy foods. Meditate and sleep for at least 6 hours a day.
  • NEET mock tests are very important for the students. These tests will help them in understanding the exam pattern and to solve the questions too. It will also help them in learning how to manage time effectively along with improving their speed and accuracy. So, make sure to attempt these mock tests. There are several websites that offer these mock tests online, you can attempt the exam by sitting at your home itself. This will save a lot of time too.
  • You should maintain separate notes for all the formulas. Most of the students face issues with these formulas only so keep a book and note down all the formulas there. Recite them when required and make sure to not miss any one of these formulas at all.
  • Refer to last year’s question Although you won’t get the same questions now, you will understand how the questions are asked in the first place. These previous year question papers are like a treasure with a lot of questions. Answering them will surely improve your confidence.


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