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Find Your Future In A Cosmetology Career Field

Find Your Future In A Cosmetology Career Field

When you are ready to move in a positive direction for your future, consider cosmetology school. With a cosmetology degree, a versatile world of opportunity will be available for you to explore.

The first step for getting closer to your dream is applying to get into the cosmetology program. Part of the application process involves the payment plan you intend on using. When deciding on how to pay for cosmetology school, ensure you look into every option to cover your expenses. You may be eligible for grants, scholarships, and loans. If you have served in the military, VA benefits are available as well.

Cosmetology Career Fields

With a Cosmetology degree, you will have a wide variety of options for employment wherever you go.

  • Hair Stylist

As a hair stylist, you will provide multiple services for your clients. Hair stylists expertly cut, color, and bleach hair. Additionally, you may provide braiding and weaving services, and add extensions to your client’s hair. Hair stylists are sometimes called hairdressers and often give blowouts when customers need professional styling before important events.

  • Make-up Artist

A make-up artist is responsible for everything from matching and applying the best shades of foundation to the most complimentary make-up. As a make-up artist, you will offer visual transformations from mild to bold for your clients based on their needs. Many cosmetologists in this field provide tutorials for customers to learn how to enhance their features on their own while using the most beneficial products.

  • Nail Technician

Nail technicians can work in a variety of locations from full-service salons to nail salons. Some technicians offer their services on a mobile basis, as well, by bringing the business directly to their clientele. As a nail technician, you will give both manicures and pedicures that range from simple to artistic in design. Working with your clients’ nails means shaping and repairing nails, applying moisturizing treatments, and educating customers on the best care for their finished product.

  • Salon Owner

If you have been in the cosmetology industry for a while or are just starting, becoming a salon owner may be the right pursuit for you. Attending a cosmetology school will provide you with a background in the fields of study involved in running a salon. You will learn how to handle the business side of the salon and gain an understanding of what it takes to achieve success. As a salon owner, you will likely have experience in one of the cosmetology fields. By continuing in this work environment, you will get to both run a salon and practice in your chosen career field while maintaining valuable client relationships.

  • Product Representative

As a product representative, you will promote a specific brand of products by engaging with salons and individual stylists. In this role, you may travel to salons within a specific territory and educate buyers on the merits of your products. This is a sales-specific position and generally requires a cosmetology background so that you can successfully provide information on the products and how they will benefit your clients and their clients, in turn.

As you are preparing for your next step in your academic pursuit, do not allow yourself to become sidetracked or find any excuses to go off course. Stay true to your dreams and follow your path to great success in the beauty industry.


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