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Finding The Best Career For Your Skillset

Finding The Best Career For Your Skillset

When it comes to finding the best career, it can be hard to know where to start. There are many different things to keep in mind when making your choice. Sometimes, a choice is hard to find, and you may be pushed into a career out of a sense of financial necessity or general familial obligation. For example, being forced into the family business when you have no interest in the products or services they offer can feel dizzying if you have no alternative to work with.

We’d recommend that finding your best career, especially the career most suited to you, lies in assessing and understanding your skillset. We’re here to offer you some advice to help you achieve the perfect career you most want, even if that’s not so clear right now:

Educate Yourself

You must educate yourself, and become a lifelong learner. There are so many forms of education available thanks to the information age of the internet. Studying a BSN to MSN online can even gain you qualifications you might otherwise have neglected being a part of. YouTube tutorials, book recommendations and even expert-led websites can give you a true understanding or at least a referential ability to prove information you are interested in.

You must exercise a degree of caution here of course. There is plenty of misinformation on the web, and this can surely demotivate you if you find it generally hard to weed out fact from fiction. Still, if you spot the correct resources, and make official plans to qualify yourself based on online educational tools, you will refine your ability to apply for the career you truly want, not experience one you must take out of necessity.

Try New Things

Some people know exactly what they want to be when they’re ten years old. They grow up, specialize in all of the correct educational courses, and achieve their aims. Some people are forty-five and are still unaware of the job role they’d most like to occupy. If this latter option is a prospect which worries you, it behooves you to try and find a method of securing a job you really do like. The old adage goes that there is no way around hard work.

Equally as true is the statement ‘ you cannot know what you want unless you know what you don’t want.” This is a less poetic phrase, but the truth is unimpeded. Trying new things opens you up to a world outside of your current understanding, and it allows you to try your hands at various things. For example, you may be the best drummer in the world and may not know it yet. Throw yourself headlong into opportunity. You will soon find out on an experiential level how much you enjoy a certain path or incidence.

It can also prevent you from taking on unsuitable work. Falling into a chef’s career might be lucrative and open you up to necessary skills, but if you truly believe it’s not for you then you have at least gleaned that insight. Plus, you will have gained a bunch of uses and knowledge which can then be applied to interviewing, backing yourself up in the correct framework as well as creating new social links in an intense environment.

You will always glean some value from something new you try, even if that’s learning what form of people to avoid or trust. You will never know this information if you are afraid of getting out there, so never be afraid to get stuck in.


In order to succeed, you must fail. We’d like to take this opportunity to inject a wonderful quote from Michael Jordan here. Be careful when reading it, as it’s intensely motivational and might make you head out on a run right this second. The quote reads; “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

If you’re afraid of failing you will never make any progress. The truth is that everyone fails, from Michael Jordan to the small business owner to the CEO of Coca-Cola. Not everyone can make correct decisions all of the time, and sometimes it takes you a full dose of humble pie to accept this. While you should never be looking for failure, you should never be afraid of it. It can teach you plenty of great things, but only if you let it do so.

With these tips, you’ll find your best skill set and career are one of the same, and your journey to that point will have been backed by some wonderful self-help insight.


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