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Finding Your Place: 4 Tips on Making Decisions After Graduation

Finding Your Place: 4 Tips on Making Decisions After Graduation
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You’re graduating soon. And if the stress to finish wasn’t enough, your friends and family are asking questions. “What are you doing after graduation? Do you have a job? Are you living at home?”

You needn’t feel pressured to jump off the commencement stage head first into a career. The time taken post-graduation will vary among students. This variation is due to internships, vacation, fear, or procrastination. No matter the case, if you’re feeling unprepared for the job market, here are 4 things to help you jumpstart your post-grad life.

Lists Are Your Friend

If your situation is similar to mine, neither your school’s city nor hometown are hubs for your desired industry. What should you do? Make a list of potential cities to move to (I can’t stress how helpful this was for me). Do your research and look for the best cities suiting young professionals in your field. Compare the list with the region of choice. Which demographics can benefit your wallet and your career? Do you have contacts in the area? Write it all down and feel the worries wash away.

Aim High

You’re a prime specimen. Treat yourself that way. Most people in your position will be frightened. The difference between them and you is that you’re going to follow through. You’ve made the first step: planning…well, reading this article is the first step. But planning is the second. By aiming high, you’re going to take some heat from the naysayers. It’s important you don’t let the opinion of others cramp your vision. Visualize where you want to go and be. Set the plan to get there. And go get it.

Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed

Academic, professional, and personal advisors are in your life for a reason. Connect with them. Build context. Nurture that relationship. These people should not be ignored. Your advisors have networks on networks on networks. While I was in school, there was one professor whom I dreaded having as a teacher. Can you relate? Well, I took a chance and met with him. Best decision ever. He gave me advice on everything from patience to the best neighborhoods to frequent. Bottom line: have an open mind and utilize the resources you’ve been given. Things (and people) aren’t always as they seem. But you’ll never know until you ask.

Just Do It!

Nike said it best: Just Do It ®. It really is that simple. You’ve made your list. You’ve tracked your finances. Now take the leap! Improper action will always be better than proper inaction. Embrace your challenges. Accept the new realm of life. How it plays out is up to you.


Undergrad Success wants to thank Jasmine Henderson for her contribution. Jasmine is a partner and director of content marketing at The Culture LP. You can connect with her on Twitter (link to: @JazziiTheVoice)


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