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Five High Paying Civil Engineering Specializations of 2020

Five High Paying Civil Engineering Specializations of 2020

When we think about money and engineering, we mostly think about IT majors or computer science majors however, being the second-oldest engineering field we usually don’t think about civil engineering at all. As a common misconception, civil engineering is an old profession but according to experts even if we no longer have the energy to run the computers that we are so obsessed with, there will still be a need for sustainable housing, which means civil engineering will never go out of style. If you are a civil engineering major looking for the most paid specialization with maximum job opportunities or even if you are thinking of selecting civil engineering as a profession, you are undoubtedly at the right place. From building dams to canals, roads, bridges, commercial plazas, and residential areas, you will come across civil engineers all the time but what exactly pays the best if you want to specialize in the business. Requirements are quite strict but if you know where you want to be, you will end up being the highest-paid engineer in the file. Here are some of the specializations that can turn the civil engineering business into a gold mine for you.

Construction Management

With the specialization in construction the management, you will be overseeing the overall construction project from the planning to the end, you will have all the professionals at your disposal but you will be required to make sure that the work is done according to the requirements of the client. It is the job of the construction manager to minimize the risk by making sure all safety conditions are being followed and the sites are built according to the policies of the local and state law. It is worth-mentioning that some of the construction management firms also offer estimating services to busy contractors and builders.

Environmental Engineer

as the world is becoming more aware of climate change and the devastating after-effects of using things recklessly without taking the environment into account, construction companies are now bound to hire environment engineers. clients are now looking for ways to reduce energy usage, water, and energy-efficient designs as well as alternative and environmentally safe ways of powering the house. with the help of environmental engineers, clients can not only save money but also have a more sustainable way of building home with better energy usage.

Geotechnical Engineering

While testing a building site, it is very important to know about the texture of the soil, this dictates the type of building that will be constructed or how much weight the soil can bear. In short, without a geotechnical engineer there is no way to finalize the site of a project, the chemical composition, rock and soil stability also help in the selection of building material which is the reason geochemical engineers are one of civil engineering posts that are high in demand.

Structural Engineering

In the stability of an overall construction project, structural engineers play a very important role. While constructing a building, it is the job of a structural engineer to ensure that a building or a structure is good enough to bear its own weight as well as the people who will be using them. With the help of load calculation that requires structure engineer to pass the overall skeleton according to safety measures. Building collapsing is one of the biggest issues which is the reason without a structural engineer, no one can build a safe building.

Transportation Engineer

One thing that keeps the world running is transport, be it railway, subway, road or bridges. Without proper transportation, no one can bring in or take out any raw material even for the construction site and that’s exactly what transportation engineers do. They make sure that traveling to home, work, vacation regardless of destination is safe and fun. This is usually associated with the government which means better perks and stable income, this is one of the leading jobs in civil engineering and it is highly in demand.

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