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Generation Z and Careers: Taking a Closer Look at What Employees Want

Generation Z and Careers: Taking a Closer Look at What Employees Want

Generation Z refers to those born after the mid-1990s. The earliest members of this generation are just beginning to enter the workforce, and with graduate hiring seeing an increase, many brands are researching the ways to attract the top talent from this generation. Perhaps not surprisingly, those in Generation Z want different things to the Millennials before them. Even though they have grown up in an uncertain time, many are optimistic about their futures and their careers.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at what employees in Generation Z are looking for from their careers.

Company Environment

Millennials placed a large focus on a friendly working environment with flexible working hours. Generation Z, on the other hand, is openly looking for employers who can provide them with stability, work that is fulfilling, and the opportunity to train and better themselves. While salary, flexible hours, and a friendly working environment are still important, they’re way down on the list of priorities of Gen Zers according to Gen Z Guru. This could mean some companies need to perform massive overhauls in order to satisfy the new generation.

Dream Job

Most Generation Zers, when interviewed, said that they hoped to be in their dream job within 10 years of graduating. Companies that can provide employees with their dream job will be able to retain talent for the long-term. It is important, therefore, that companies look at what they are currently offering their employees and examine how they can make things more suitable for the new generation. Members of this generation have no loyalties, or qualms about moving somewhere else, and 83% believe they will have to move more than once before finding the dream position they are searching for.

Constant Feedback

Generation Zers tend to be more project orientated than previous generations and will work on whatever they are asked to do by their employers. Many are also more than happy to work on their own after growing up being used to digital communication over social. They don’t have the same social skills as previous generations and don’t value collaboration in the same way that Millennials did. However, Generation Zers do value constant feedback and a close relationship with their superiors.


Finally, members of Generation Z have also grown up in a world where equality has been talked about and worked towards, more so than any generation before them. Because of this, Gen Zers demand equality and diversity in the workplace. In fact, when interviewed, many said that this was the most important thing they were looking for from employers. Companies who have already implemented equality and diversity practices within the workplace are one step ahead.

Generation Zers have big goals and optimistic hopes for the future. They are also willing to work hard and be loyal to organizations that provide them with what they want. It will be interesting to see how workplaces change as more members of this generation come of working age.


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