The Advantage of Graduating in December

Graduating this December? Work it to Your Advantage

Graduating this December? Work it to Your Advantage
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I followed the typical college trajectory and graduated in the spring, and I remember how insanely busy it was.

So I can only imagine what it’s like for you seniors who powered through your courses and are graduating this December, amidst all the holiday/New Year craziness. Truly, hats off to you.

But despite the stress of trying to graduate during December, it does come with its benefits.

You not only get a jump start on your job search, but you can also use certain aspects of the holiday season to your advantage.

Read on to find out how (and if you’re just starting your college career, here are a few reasons you might want to graduate early).


Beat the Rush

Since most college students graduate in the spring, that means that everyone is applying for the same jobs at the same time: April, May, and June.

You’re ahead of the curve, though, because you’ll be getting your resume and cover letters out into employer’s hands months in advance.

The New Year is an especially great time to be job hunting, since new budgets go live and companies finally have the funds to hire for that new position they’ve been talking about since July.


Take Advantage of the Holidays

The holiday season means that things in the professional world generally slow down a bit.

If you’re looking to contact a hiring manager about a position, now’s a great time.

Make the phone calls you need, get your resume submitted, line up informational interviews or coffee meetings – do whatever you have to do to get yourself in front of the people you want to work for.

In addition, all of the holiday parties and events going on in the next month means you have more opportunities than ever to network.


Double Down on Gifts

One of the hardest things about being a new college graduate is all the gear you need to kick start your professional life.

Your needs may include, but probably aren’t limited to: a professional wardrobe, furnishings and appliances for a new apartment (if you’re moving out of your college dorm or apartment), a mode of transportation (either a car or public transit), and possibly funds to travel for job interviews.

This all adds up fast, and of course being a recent college graduate means that you’re broke and have no money to purchase the aforementioned items.

If you’re graduating this month, you’ll probably be getting holiday gifts and graduation presents.

Use this to your advantage and ask for the things you need to start your professional life. After your college degree, getting your household in order is one of the most important career investments you can make.

So as you’re pulling your hair out trying to write your final papers, pick up your graduation gown, finish your holiday shopping, and move out of your college apartment, take some comfort in the distinct career advantages that come with graduating in December.

Are you graduating this month? Have you started your job search yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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