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Hot Tips For Gaining Experience In Your Chosen Industry

Hot Tips For Gaining Experience In Your Chosen Industry


It’s always difficult when you’re looking for a job, and you’re rejected. You don’t usually find out why. You might not even get a response. If you don’t even get to the interview stage, you’ll probably need to decide for yourself why you didn’t get put forward. Assuming that there isn’t a serious problem with your CV the answer is most likely, experience. Either, you don’t have enough of it or in some cases, you’re over trained. Although, typically, particularly for new grads, it’s going to be the former. The problem, of course, is how are you supposed to get experience if no one gives it to you. It’s a conundrum, but we’ve got the solutions.

Use A Recruiting Agency


If you want to improve your chances of getting put forward for jobs, you should join a recruitment agency. They will have the contacts you need in the industry and be able to rub shoulders with the right people. Hopefully, this will get you more opportunities, improving your chances of gaining the experience you need. Of course, in some cases, you still won’t get the job. Just because you reach the interview stage, doesn’t mean that you’ll get the job. But it certainly gives you more than a fighting chance.

Initiative Rather Than Experience

There are some jobs available where experience won’t be as important. Instead, employers will be looking for people who can bring something unique to the table. Certain network marketing companies are often searching for people with talent and ambition. They favor these traits over experience. That means you can get the experience you need in a new and exciting field. It’s worth looking into and will open the doors to further jobs in the future.

Interview Experience


In some interviews, you will be asked to complete training days. On these days, they will test your skills at the job in question. For instance, for a journalism job you might be asked to research and write a story for the paper. You can use this day as experience to put on your CV. Admittedly it’s not a large amount of experience, but wording can help get you that important interview. You can make it seem like more than it is.


The job market might be rough right now, but there are plenty of volunteering opportunities. Most people need the paycheck. They’ve got bills to pay and life commitments to keep. But if you’re in a position where money isn’t a big deal, take volunteer work. It’s a great way to build up experience. It could even lead you to a permanent position. This is the ideal solution if you are still living at home or looking for a job in the summer between university. You might want to build up cash but in the long run, building up experience is more beneficial.

Using these tips, you can increase your level of experience, making yourself more employable. But remember, you’ll still need to wow the interviewers and make sure employers want you working in their company. Goodluck.


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