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How can you become a music industry manager?

How can you become a music industry manager?

Music promoters sell music through albums, concerts, events and more to an artist or label. Successful managers benefit from a passion for music and study. Some artist managers gain a portion of the artist’s profits, so they need to be experienced industry professionals with exceptional marketing skills. You will need to become an expert in the music industry and learn how to inspire and support emerging artists if you want to off to a great start in the music business and work your way up to a management position. This article is going to tell you how you can get into the management of music industry.

  • Nurture a passion for music.

A passion for music, a style or a band will be the push to get you into management, according to experienced managers. Go to live music shows and decide what kind of music you want to support and work with.

  • Have an outgoing personality.

As a music manager, you will have to fill in the shoes of a band promoter, a contract broker and an expert on the music of your band. Develop a social nature that will help you network and sell music.

  • Get a job at the hub of the music industry.

To maximize your chances of getting a job, you may need to move to Birmingham, Glasgow, Brighton, Cardiff, London or any other big city. Many brands and talent agencies use “work experience” internships to screen their employees.

  • Start managing an act which you are passionate about.

When you believe in the artist, going through the music business will be easier. Start by managing the festival, local gigs or new album of a local band. Part of being an artist manager is learning how to handle a band’s members. You’ll need to encourage an artist to do things that will help their career, even though they don’t like the mission. Artist managers have outstanding interpersonal skills and sometimes act as authoritative figures too.

  • Market the music instead of trying to fit the environment or venue with the music.

Many artists have a personal attachment to their art. Researching the right audience will be more effective than trying to lead the music in a different direction.

  • When you grow your connections, take on new actions.

You will need to know how to juggle several different tasks, hence, you will need to hire staff allowing you to delegate tasks. Nevertheless, instead of forming a talent agency or moving up in a music company, you may choose to remain a hands-on director at all times.

Ultimately, starting a career in music industry management with the first few acts may depend on your success. If you can help them make money and succeed, you are likely to get more contracts or a bigger profit cut and can become a manager of the music industry within a short span of time.


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