30 Things Every College Student Should Be Doing on LinkedIn
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30 Things College Students Should be Doing on LinkedIn Right Now

30 Things College Students Should be Doing on LinkedIn Right Now

7. In the ‘Experience’ section, list relevant experience to date and the impact you’ve had so far (be sure to list internships and co-op assignments)

8. Under ‘Projects’ enter the projects you’ve taken on; fundraising you’ve done and community service missions you’ve completed (show people you care!)

9. Under ‘Publications’ enter any relevant papers you’ve written or co-written (again, make sure they are industry relevant… no one cares about your freshman paper on the Occupy Wall Street movement)

10. In the ‘Honors and Achievements’ section add any major awards won and accomplishments that show you’re not afraid of success (be careful here not to include high school achievements and minor awards from college; you don’t want to sound like a student, because no one hires a “student”)

11. In ‘Organizations’ list every association, fraternity, national and regional organization you belong to now (this is a great way to be found… don’t leave anything out!)

12. Under ‘Volunteer Experience and Causes’ list all your volunteer assignments, the causes you consistently support and those with whom you fill a significant role)

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