30 Things Every College Student Should Be Doing on LinkedIn
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30 Things College Students Should be Doing on LinkedIn Right Now

30 Things College Students Should be Doing on LinkedIn Right Now

13. Complete the section for Education (keep it simple… again, you don’t want to come off as an unemployable student; if your industry still cares a great deal about academics, however, be very detailed here and also in the ‘Courses’ section)

14. Manage your endorsements, adding those you want to be known for and removing some of the default categories and those input by well-meaning colleagues (while the jury is still out on the impact of endorsements, this is a great place to make your niche known)

15. Seek out former mentors; connect and update them on your current status, goals and career plans (you never know when a mentor will surprise you with something amazing)

16. Reach back to previous managers for recommendations regarding your work ethic, communication skills and other high-demand characteristics (even a “the hardest working person I’ve ever known” from your manager at Honey Baked Hams is impactful)

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17. Visit your school’s University page on LinkedIn (for many, this is a world-class networking tool)

18. Using the Groups Directory, connect with your Alumni group (let them know you’re coming… better yet, serve as a volunteer or a committee member)

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