30 Things Every College Student Should Be Doing on LinkedIn
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30 Things College Students Should be Doing on LinkedIn Right Now

30 Things College Students Should be Doing on LinkedIn Right Now

19. Next stop on the alum train is LinkedIn’s Alumni Tool, which shows where fellow alums live, work and what they do (again, a networking goldmine)

20. Using the ‘People’ search, connect with not only alumni but students with same major as you, classmates, fellow members of communities, clubs and fraternities (every contact is a potential referral!)

21. Join and contribute to LinkedIn Groups that serve your industry or where you share common interests with others (and don’t just lurk, share relevant content and participate)

22. In those groups, start a discussion and introduce yourself in a professional manner (and when you do, don’t be surprised if you get 100+ new connections)

23. Reach out to the top contributors to each of your LinkedIn Groups; connect, and then ask for 15 minutes of their time to find out more about them, and their success (amazing connections are made this way!)

24. Comment on the blogs and posts of others on LinkedIn (Publisher has made it incredibly easy for influencers to post valuable content on LinkedIn)

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