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How to Arrange a Cross Generational Meeting Successfully

How to Arrange a Cross Generational Meeting Successfully

Holding a cross generational meeting can be difficult when it comes to family business or wealth. So here are few pointers that you would want to know, even if you like to playmgm online in your free time.

Before the Meeting

Preparing right is important. Here are some tips to help you.

  1. Make Sure that Everyone has Agreed to Meet

Everyone who is intended to be in the meeting must be notified about the purpose, the people who called it and what is expected from them. If someone doesn’t want to attend the meeting you can carry on without their involvement. The nature of the meeting should also be notified whether it is a decision making meeting or just an information one.

  1. Create and Plan the Agenda

Get 2 to 3 people from different generations who hold a number of responsibilities and let them design the agenda. You can take help from a advisor from the family. The team should take in account the expectations and wants of the different participants in making the agenda.

Select a comfortable time for everyone to attend and give them the agenda beforehand.

  1. Create a Friendly Atmosphere

Choose a comfortable setting where people can have confrontations which is expected in a cross generational meeting. Don’t criticize the participant’s behavior if you want them to fully participate with their heart. Also, it is better not to serve alcohol during the meeting.

During the Meeting

  1. Share the Goal

The person who called the meeting should explain the purpose, intention and goal of the meeting. Give each participant the opportunity to speak up and state their own expectations out of the meeting. Also ensure to invite everyone to join in.

  1. State the General Rules

The rules of the meeting should be framed so that everyone is comfortable to come out with their views. You can have base your rules on the following general rules-

  • Turn off the cell phones
  • Don’t interrupt while others are speaking
  • Focus on the important issues instead of characteristics or habits
  • Behave with each other as peers in professional nature to the extent possible
  • Don’t attack anyone personally and prevent such behaviors
  • Give an opportunity to everyone for sharing their feedback
  1. Promote Inquiry

Everyone should be able to share their feelings and thoughts for the meeting to be successful. They should learn to question ideas rather than advocating them or rejecting them outright.

You can also call in a member to conduct the meeting. This person should be outside of the family and act as a facilitator. He or she can ensure that the general rules are followed and the meeting progresses as per agenda. The facilitator can also help with-

  • Stop interruptions and encourage questions at the right time
  • Make sure that everyone gets a chance to voice their feelings and thoughts
  • Prevent general talk and get something specific out of the speaker
  • Ask for further explanations when the idea is not clear

You should end the meeting by taking notes and writing down any decisions taken.


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