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How to Incorporate a Tapestry Into Your Dorm Decor

How to Incorporate a Tapestry Into Your Dorm Decor

Spruce up your room with a little fabric

When you’re low on space and cash, scoring pieces that are multifunctional is a game-changer. This is where tapestries come into play. Your first impression of wall tapestries is probably a hippie, wall decor but there are actually a slew of ways you can use these fabrics to transform your dorm. Plus, not all tapestries include tie dye and mandalas. Pick a graphic pattern, an awesome floral design, a quote, beachy illustration, or any picture. Tapestries are a trusty go-to if you’re balling on a budget, which you likely are as a college student. There are many pros to incorporating tapestries: they’re long lasting, cover large spaces, come in various sizes, and of course are affordable. Follow these tips to make the most of any tapestry. 

Classic use

Don’t deny yourself a good looking dorm wall. When you think of a tapestry, you probably envision it hanging on a wall. Tapestries are loved for how simple, yet extravagant the design it. It’s sure to bring a bright, exciting vibe to any room. The amazing part about them is that they’re extremely light weight, making it easy to hang on your wall without using screws or nails. Hang them with a few command hooks and you’re good to go! 

Couch slipcover

Don’t turn away hand-me-down furniture because it doesn’t fit the vibe of your room. Let a tapestry do it’s thing. Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Borrowing an old, raggedy couch handed down to you from a grandparent? Or the most affordable futon you could find is a bland brown leather? A tapestry can turn your simple, leather futon into an inviting sitting space for guests and Netflix binging. Since your room is likely shared, your furniture will be too. Make your couches, chairs, or other sitting spaces last longer by throwing a washable tapestry over them. 

Cost-effective window dressing 

Napping will be one of your favorite activities after cramming all night for an early morning exam. Taking a snooze during the day with bright sunlight shining through your window isn’t ideal. Use an affordable trusty tapestry for curtains to do the trick. Just fold the top of the fabric over about two inches of a curtain rod and use hemming tape to create a little sleeve to slide it through. Double sided tape is just as good! We’re not here to judge. 

Makeshift bed spread

How dreamy is this bed all thanks to the tapestry?  Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

A tapestry makes for a great bed spread, especially during the summer months or if you live in a city that hardly gets cold. If you’re warm bodied and can’t stand heavy spreads, then this will be a game changer. Toss any tapestry over your sheets to make it look like a fancy duvet minus all the heat. 

Table or desk cloth

Transform your desk or any small table in your dorm into a piece of art just by throwing one tapestry over it. This will add a beautiful splash of color to the entire room. The best part is if it gets stained, it’s so easy to wash. 

Faux headboard

This blooming floral medallion design is a great pop of color. Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Dorm beds typically lack any kind of headboard, making your room look as though it’s missing something. Buying a headboard is out of the question not only because it won’t fit the bed, but because your bank account won’t agree. This problem can be a quick fix by hanging your tapestry behind your bed or canopy it over your bed. If you’re feeling Pinterest-desire and want a dreamy effect, string some lights behind for extra shine. 

Bulletin board cover

If your bulletin board is looking dull or if you’re just sick of looking at the bland cork board, then stretch a tapestry over it to give the board a little flair. Turn your tapestry into a work of art that still covers the bland walls and boring cork. 

For all the mountain lovers out there. Image courtesy of Pinterest. 

Utilize your tapestry for anything your mind can imagine. A simple Google search will leave you with thousands of different designs to choose from! Take your room from plain and boring to an exceptionally inviting space. Follow these recommendations to create a unique atmosphere that’s sure to be the new hangout spot.


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