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How to Understand SWOT Analysis in 30 Minutes

How to Understand SWOT Analysis in 30 Minutes

Whether you are a student doing a school research project or a business person looking for knowledge, finding a point of reference is very crucial. Most of us have heard about the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis and its applicability in the business world. Students handling such a topic need to know more about how they can apply it in their projects. This is where El Rincón del Vago, a website that provides you with reference information on different topics, comes in. Here, we will also discuss various things you need to know about SWOT. Please read on.

What Is SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis in a project is most concerned with identifying the opportunities that you can use to succeed in a project. In a similar way, a business project can benefit from the process. SWOT is considered to be a strong tool in project execution, but students who are seeing it for the first time can find it difficult to complete. Breaking down all the four parts and how they are applicable to a project is the best way to help such a student. So here we go.


It is all about knowing what part of your project or business performs better than those of others. For most school projects, understanding the resources that are available for use at a low cost or no cost is very crucial. Upon choosing a project, you can factor in those parts that you think are superior and those that your project supervisor thinks will help you. According to an experienced analyst, students should think about the strengths of their project in relation to those of others.


All things that you think can be avoided in your projects are probably a weakness. Start listing them down and assess their effects on the project. Some weaknesses can be improved to become strengths while others need to be dropped. Again, you could ask your supervisor about what she or he thinks could be a hindrance to achieving the project goals and objectives. Identifying all the weaknesses makes the project stand a better chance of succeeding.


In any project that a student undertakes, there are those opportunities one can take advantage of. It could be trends, technology, changes in laws and policies and many other opportunities. Students must be sharp and open minded to see the opportunities that can benefit their project. Some opportunities can be tied to your strengths, and one must be in a position to relate the two and identify them.


Threats exist everywhere. In a student project concept, these are obstacles that can make you not complete the project in time or as required by the guidelines. Some threats can be related to what your fellow students are doing and you are not. At other times, it could be changes in trends, laws and social setups in a way that does not favor your project.


SWOT analysis for a student project must be done the right way. When done well, SWOT analysis will help you complete your project without challenges. Preventing weaknesses and threats is also easy. At the end of the day, your project will be a total success. Now you know.


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