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How You Can Avoid Getting Screwed In Life

How You Can Avoid Getting Screwed In Life

Getting screwed isn’t something that any of us want. It feels awful when it happens, and it can set back your plans.

Fortunately, there are many ways that you can avoid getting screwed in life. In this post, we take a look at some of the strategies that you can use to avoid the bad guys out there and be successful. 

Avoid Being Emotional

People who are out to get one up on you will always leverage your emotional state if they get half the chance. They know that most people are emotionally driven and they will take any opportunity they can get to use it to their advantage. 

The key here is to maintain your exterior calmness in all situations. If you don’t give people anything to work with, they will find it much harder to take advantage of you. They won’t have anything to latch onto and it will be much easier for them just to focus on a different victim.

Remember, when you love something or someone, you can sometimes throw caution to the wind. Your emotions can drive your decision-making instead of brute reality. And that’s when things can start to go wrong for you. 

Meditate More

Meditation is one of life’s great mindfulness tools. And you don’t have to be a monk to do it. Just spending a few minutes each day with your thoughts can be sufficient to powerfully transform your life. 

Many of us are addicted to thoughts. They continually pop up, even when they are unwelcome. Habits like this can actually be destructive because they take us away from our core challenges. We get sidetracked by issues, instead of focusing on what we can control. 

Other people can use this tendency against us. They can see the trivial things that are important to us and then sell us products or emotions that help to alleviate our suffering. 

But when you meditate, you can get out of this cycle. You can take control of what matters to you and only you. You can begin to focus on the big things in life instead of sweating all the small stuff. 

Be More Strategic

The most successful people in life tend to be the most strategic. They have a game plan and they are not afraid to execute it. They also know when to work with other people to get what they want. 

Let’s say, for instance, that you’re walking down the street and a truck hits you. Strategic people will immediately go to truck accident lawyers to see what their legal position is and whether they can take advantage of the situation. They won’t just wait for somebody to come along and help them.. 

Don’t Work With Idiots

Working with idiots is one of the biggest predictors that you will eventually get screwed over. If you surround yourself with people addicted to drama, then eventually, you will get burnt by it. 

Whenever you take a job, ask yourself whether you are adding value to the project. If you are not, then stay on the lookout for a better position where you can add value. Try not to rest in a precarious role. Just take the money while it flows, expecting in the back of your mind that it can end at any time. 

Stand For Something

People who have principles and stand by them rarely get screwed in life. That’s because they are doing everything for a reason. They don’t allow passing ideas to change the trajectory of their lives. 

Being confident in your beliefs and abilities is often enough to deal with most problems. You march through life with a certain spring in your step, knowing that things are going to go your way. If you can adopt this mindset, you transform yourself into a very rare kind of person indeed. The vast majority of people do not have the mental fortitude to approach life in this way. Instead, worry about all the minor details rather than having faith that things will eventually work out for them. 

When you stand for something, you have a certain calmness about you. People are scared to try to screw you over because they know that there will be serious repercussions. They can’t get away with it. 

Always Tell The Truth

Lastly, it’s critical to always tell the truth. Don’t just make stuff up. When you are honest, you typically come out of situations better than those who are dishonest. People with power find it much more challenging to dispose of a person who told the truth.

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