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How You Can Become A Better Nurse

How You Can Become A Better Nurse

If you’re a nursing professional who is thriving in their career, you might not think that there are many ways you can improve on what you’re currently doing. However, there are always ways to improve, and just because you’re doing a good job doesn’t mean you can’t do even better. Below you’ll find a few pointers that will help you to become a better nurse in no time: 

Be More Empathetic

Start by assessing how empathetic you are currently and figuring out whether this is something you could improve on. Being a good nurse doesn’t always mean you are empathetic to your patient’s plights. It’s also true that sometimes you may need to switch it off so that it doesn’t get in the way of you doing your job. However, your patient will be put at ease in an instant when they see that you understand and care. 

Improve Your Communication Skills 

You will be communicating with many people from all backgrounds, so improve your communication skills to make this easier for everybody. This doesn’t just mean how you speak, but how you listen, too. Listening is an essential skill that many people overlook. 

Look Into Transformational Leadership 

Transformational leadership is essential in nursing. Looking at recent trends could help you to see just how important it is – take a look at the infographic below and you might decide to go a different path. 

credit to Bradley University


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