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The Importance of Being Taken Seriously as an Entrepreneur

The Importance of Being Taken Seriously as an Entrepreneur

Many people believe that you don’t have to be that “serious” to make it as an entrepreneur. The truth of the matter is that you don’t have to be that serious. But you do have to be taken seriously. And that’s where people start to run into trouble.

Here’s a quick look at the art of being taken seriously as an entrepreneur.


Age and experience

A lot of people seem to think that age and experience is dwindling in importance. When we think of modern entrepreneurs, we think of Mark Zuckerberg. We think of Evan Spiegel. We think of the offensively young Nick D’Aloisio. These aren’t people who have a lot of “experience” when we think in terms of the amount of time spent employed at another company. They certainly weren’t weathered veterans. In fact, they still aren’t! But they knew how to capitalise in the social age, and that’s what counts.

But you have to remember that these entrepreneurs are in the minority. Most people looking to invest in your startup or product will still be looking for as much experience in an industry as possible. It’s important to understand, though, that age and experience have proven not to be everything. These days, you’re much less likely to be laughed away just because you’re young!

Acquiring capital

For most people, the need to be taken seriously is important because it will help you acquire capital. That’s been true in the past – and it’s true now. The fact is that the audience aren’t going to care too much if you’re a little laid back, a bit funnier than the next entrepreneur. But if you’re not putting across sufficient passion to a potential investor, then you could be getting yourself into trouble.

Looking the part

So what exactly should an entrepreneur be wearing? It seems like an odd question. Back in the day, it would have been a much simpler question to answer. Entrepreneurs would always be seen in the sharpest suits available. In fact, pretty much every businessperson would be in very sharp, formal apparel. But that was back then. These days, the popular image of an entrepreneur is much more varied that it used to be.

The most famous new entrepreneurs these days seem to be very young. I’m talking fresh out of college. These are the entrepreneurs we see in hoodies, brightly coloured sweaters, cool sneakers. We’re not looking at formal imagery anymore. So it’s becoming clear that “looking the part” is a more difficult concept than it used to be. If you want to be modern, keep it casual. If you want a classic vibe, you can stay formal. If you want to really stand out, you could take into consideration the design of the uniform your company employees would wear. Uniform laundry services may have the materials you need there.

In conclusion

It’s becoming clear that the term “serious” has changed. Classic entrepreneurialism would take into account looks and behaviour when it comes to judging how serious you are. There was a very cosmetic feel to it, in that way. But these days, much more attention is paid to your ideas and your business practices. Keep that in mind!


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