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Is Teaching For Me

Is Teaching For Me

If you have recently graduated, you may be overwhelmed by the career options that are being placed in front of you. You can choose to enter a management program, go onto further training, or even enter a profession. One profession, in particular that often applies to graduates is teaching. If you haven’t considered this yet, read on to get the lowdown on whether this is the right job for you.


First of all, if you are considering becoming a teacher, you will need to have or develop some patience. Why? Well, it’s because whether you work with children or adults your job will be to facilitate their learning, which is not always a straightforward process. This resource is great for knowing positive things to say to children.

There will be the things they don’t understand. Things that they question you on, and behaviors that will try your patience. That is why you need to be as patient as possible and have a constructive way of dealing with your own emotions, so they don’t overwhelm you.


Something else you will need if you are considering becoming a teacher is independence. This is because a great deal of your time will be spent with you being in charge of your own classroom. That means you have to be independent enough to stand up and be consistent with the expectation you have for the students.

It also means that you need to be independent enough to challenge them, and follow through with consequences if they are not keeping to the rules.


You will also need a hefty helping of compassion if you are going to go into teaching. This is because not only will you need to be empathic with learners that are struggling. But you also have responsibility for the welfare of your charges.

That means you need to be compassionate when they come to you with problems, as well as being effective in dealing with them as school policy dictates.


Of course, teachers also need to be ambitious, both for themselves and for their pupils. This is essential to keeping standards of learning and behavior high. In teaching, there are no relaxed days, as every day is a chance to improve on things and build on knowledge that has been before.

In terms of your own ambition, teaching is a great career as it offers so much opportunity for progression and movement. You can be a head of the subject, head of faculty, or take on one of the more pastoral roles such as year head. You may get promoted internally, or you can look for external roles on government job boards, or with an agency like Simply Education that specializes in recruitment in this area.


Some say teachers have to have eyes in the back of their heads, and this can often feel like it is the case. Indeed, teachers need to be aware of all sorts things like safety issues, bullying, new developments in teaching practice, and emotional problems that their pupils may be suffering from.

That is why the quality of awareness so important because you really have to be switched on to be the best teacher possible.


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