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Life’s Too Short For The Wrong Job

Life’s Too Short For The Wrong Job
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Job hunting and careers advice is serious business – I know, but we all need some time to have fun online. Online careers resources shouldn’t be all serious – well, they can be, but we don’t do that. We keep it cool. I came across these creative job ads below. And the message they convey is quite blunt.

Although job boards and careers portals don’t display ads on the big hoardings in the city or by the motorway, they are still in a lot of guides, e-books and magazines. Not sure where the creative job ads below were run, but they were run by Jobsintown.de. Yes, it is a German company.

These creative job ads are pretty simple, yet they deliver the message that it’s not worth getting stuck in a job that you don’t think is worth it. If you don’t have any career opportunities in your organisation or role, then look elsewhere. Remember, it’s your transferable skills that might attract an employer in a different industry or company.

So, here are the creative job ads run by Jobsintown.de as part of their “Life’s too short for the wrong job.” campaign.

creative job ad 1

creative job ad 2

creative job ad 4

creative job ad 5

creative job ad 6

creative job ad 7


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