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Lying on Your Resume? How It Affects You

Lying on Your Resume? How It Affects You
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We’ve been told our entire lives that lying is wrong. So, why is it that many men and women feel compelled to do so on their resumes? Have you ever considered lying on your resume?

Maybe it’s the stress of the job search? Or is it inherent in our nature to lie on our resumes? Perhaps it’s a mix of both.

Luckily, if you ever have found yourself lying on your resume, this Infographic is going to tell you exactly why that’s a bad idea. We learn more about just how many people (it’s a lot!) lie on their resumes and how it affects you.

Sit back. Read on. And enjoy your Friday 🙂

Lying on Your Resume?

How Lying On Your Resume Affects You Undergrad Success

Undergrad Success thanks gradberry for this awesome Infographic!


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