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How to Make Your Resume Stand out From the Crowd

How to Make Your Resume Stand out From the Crowd

Applying for a job is a tough task. When you’re fresh out of college or university, it can be daunting trying to find out what options you have, where to apply for a job, or what to even consider a job that is worth your time. Some people might have starry-eyed expectations of the world because they’ve been told all throughout their academic life that they can achieve their goals if they try hard, and others might be in constant despair due to the realisation that even when they find a job, they’re going to be paying off expensive student loans.

But worry not! In order to give you a hand in the real world, here are a couple of ways to make your resume stand out from the rest of the crowd. After all, the first impression to give you a new employer will be a combination of your cover letter and your resume, and since you don’t have much experience in the real world it’s likely that you won’t even be considered. However, with a few of these tips, you’ll find that even if you are fresh in the industry, you can still get a job if you try hard.

Keep it short and concise

When employers look at your resume, they’re not going to read two or three pages worth of text. They’re going to scan through it, look at the headings and give your resume a brief consideration before reading the next. The less you put on your resume, the more attractive it will be to their eyes. Don’t list lots of useless hobbies that have nothing to do with the job. In fact, if possible, try and keep your resume relevant to the job. If you’re applying for an office job, then don’t talk about how you worked as a part-time artist. If there are skills you picked up working as an artist, then list those instead and skip the context.

List additional skills

If you really want to make a big impact on your resume, then make sure you’re listing any additional skills you have picked up over the course of your studies. For example, if you’re aiming for an office job, then picking up computer and office skills that you previously didn’t learn during your course might give you an advantage over the competition. You can pick up new skills by learning them online, and a website such as Find Your Context is perfect for learning what online courses are available to you. Since it’s online work, you don’t need to spend as much time studying for them as your regular courses, making them excellent additions to your university or college work and giving you the option to study in your own time.

Avoid buzzwords

Another common mistake people make on their resume is to throw in lots of buzzwords. Avoid as many buzzwords as possible. Things such as thinking “outside of the box” or being a “team player” are overused, boring and don’t make a good impression. However, simple terms like “managed”, “negotiated” and “trained” are fine terms that employers can understand, aren’t cliche, and make your resume seem much more professional without being cheesy.

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