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Making A Career From Remote Working

Making A Career From Remote Working

You may very well be of the mind that you might not be able to make a career out of a remote working opportunity. That’s understandable – for a long time we’ve had the idea pounded into our minds that a solid career is founded from a stable and ‘normal’ opportunity. One where you go into the office for nine, do your work, leave at five and get home before resting and relaxing for the next day at the office! This is how we’ve come to think of work, and that’s ok – but it doesn’t mean things won’t – or are not already changing in the world of work.

For current graduates, this might mean a focus on interviewing often for jobs around the globe. It means a focus on the ordinary and the imaginable. We see jobs as something solid and stable – but not necessary with the thinking of security – but something that stays in the same place. We don’t often take seriously the fact that it is becoming more and more common for a job to be focused on mobility, and even a job that takes place remotely.

Technology has long cast its eye towards focusing on mobility, connectivity, and portability. With the advent of the ‘internet of things’ – this means that connectivity and networking surrounds almost everything that we do. That means that we have more chance of connecting, and more opportunities to network in some way shape or before. Especially so if you’ve got the right equipment. Laptops and working computers are smaller than ever – which allows for work to be performed remotely as long as there is a connection to the internet that can be established.

This ensures that traditional roles can be performed from home. So, if you’re an office worker who wants to work from home, you might be able to, if you ask. Your company might have a remote working policy in place that allows you to work from home.

However, that doesn’t mean that all careers must follow the traditional path – especially so if you fancy working from home! Advances in tech mean that working is becoming a global thing – meaning global opportunities. A traditional business might be more inclined to hire workers to work remotely, and only remotely. Sometimes contracted, sometimes freelance.

Working from home doesn’t mean you can ignore old-school methods though. You’ll certainly have paperwork and postage to deal with so take things like p.o. box rates and organizational space into account if you take up a work from home opportunity.

You don’t have to rely on another business for work either. If you’ve got an idea and an entrepreneurial spirit, you might consider starting a business from home. That is the opportunity available in modern life for people with bright ideas.

So, you might not be tied down to a traditional career path thanks to tech. Your next venture might take place at home.



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