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College students and recent graduates, regardless of industry, can benefit from a mentorship. Experienced advisers offer networking, the possibility of improving first impressions with other professionals, and a foot in the door to an entire community, all tailored to your professional goals.


To find a mentor, you must search for prospects. In the process, you introduce yourself to scores of individuals and their communities. As you discuss goals with your growing network, you begin to cultivate your personal brand and position yourself as a resource for your network. People you meet in this context ought to remember you as a combination of industriousness, enthusiasm and professionalism. They are potential business partners and clients!

Beyond your personal efforts, finding mentor figures to work with you or advocate for your business often has a ripple effect. You might start with the one mentor, but discover chances to learn from individuals in their community as well. Each person you meet has connections to more people, cutting degrees of separation to bring you closer to others.

Finding experienced mentors allows you to make your own mistakes without repeating those of your mentor(s). In business, innovation often equates to success. It is important, even in taking risks, to do so in a fresh and innovative ways.

Remember, failure is a necessary evil on the journey to success. Avoid wasting time making wrong turns if an informational interview or advising session can point you in the right direction. Learn from other people’s experiences whenever possible.

Imagine breaking into your industry with the very best first impression. Starting ahead of other graduates because of great mentorship can get you jobs. Thereafter, an outstanding internship or job opportunity could be your platform to impress, as opposed to a confidence-builder.


After networking your tail off, you may have one or many additions to your long-term professional network. Regardless of quantity, these quality additions are ready to support you in your pursuits. If your mentors are successful people, they already know what type of drive it takes to succeed. They will expect the same drive from you, even if you fall from your expectations. A community that is aware of your goals will help remind you to keep trying.

There are many benefits to finding a supportive mentor to help you achieve success in your industry. Among them: networking, leveraging lessons learned for optimal first impressions, and discovering a community to reinforce your commitment to success. Not sure how to find your ideal mentor or attract them to your goals? Then stay tuned for the upcoming release “How to Land the Position” or check out “Start a Personal Project to Attract Opportunity“!


Andrew is a Portland metro-area marketing professional with a diverse background in social media, branding, communications and consulting. After defeating homelessness at a young age, by 19 he started a social media consulting company, Pathos. Andrew is currently a social media director for a restaurant in downtown Portland, brand strategist for a social venture, and most recently a point of advisory for UGSuccess. Beyond work, he enjoys blogging, guest writing, and celebrating perspectives at Project Lookup.

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