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Millennials and Business Cards……They Still Matter For This Generation

Millennials and Business Cards……They Still Matter For This Generation
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Millennials, a highly debated word by many, but an undeniably large part of our culture and workforce. As the millennial population graduates college and enters the job market, we need to adapt to their way of life and their style of business.

Millennials are the electronic generation. They have grown up with the Internet and email as forms of communication instead of the phonebook and snail mail. While this generation is the most technologically advanced so far, it is important for them to realize the basics of traditional business, and business cards are a part of this.

The business card is an important aspect of traditional business for a variety of reasons. While the economy has shifted and business is not conducted in the manner it was 30 years ago, the business card has remained resilient and is still thought of as a networking staple. Although the way millennials conduct business is different from previous generations, this group will still most likely be out and about networking and shaking hands much like the generations before them. In fact, according to an article in Time, millennials still prefer to interact with traditional forms of communication including in-person meetings.

The business card is always exchanged at in-person meetings and holds a key to respect, career opportunities and professional transactions. As millennials continue to enter and shape our workforce, they will depend on business cards to shape their professional image as the generations before them have.

It is important not to discount the millennial generation as simply digital, because that is not true. Although they are technologically savvy, they still value the principles of traditional business at heart, and business cards remain an important part of these ideals.

In order to stand out with a business card, it is critical that it is unique. Millennials are all about changing the rules of business and this means no more basic cards. It’s time to get fancy.

This is a chance for them to prove their brand and skills are different from the competition and do something to stand out!

There are a few ways to make business cards unique. This can be done by adding some bright color and selecting a different font than what is typically the norm. Millennials want to feel special and creative, and this is the perfect way to do that.

Don’t let the stereotype fool you. Although this generation is tech savvy, they will make use of the trusty business card much like their predecessors have!


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