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Mind Methods: Education Needn’t Be Limited To Bricks & Mortar

Mind Methods: Education Needn’t Be Limited To Bricks & Mortar

In an attempt to improve your standing within the fields you are working in, you might find that changing your approach completely is the only correct or possible course of action for success. Luckily, there are many ways to increase your competency in the modern market, and not all of them need to drain your wallet. In the pre-high speed internet days, attending a university was your only real method of truly educating yourself in a field that you didn’t have excess networking relations too. Nowadays, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We are living in an age where the vast sum of collected human knowledge is accessible from a device we carry around in our pockets.

However, even with this modern superpower, it can be difficult to know where to start to improve your mind and qualifications within the living you hope to spend your life refining your competency within. As a general rule, using the internet to improve your competency is the best method of doing so, but it can come in many forms. The most successful of which are listed below.

Online Courses

Even the most prestigious courses are available online these days, offering accreditations that prove to make you a force to be reckoned with in the working atmosphere. They will also give you a list of permanent resources to encourage self-study over the years, long after your course is finished. Even engineering courses and engineering management master courses are available online, and as these can yield the highest paychecks of anywhere in the working world, it’s instructive to see just how refined these educational tools have become. The benefits of progressing in these courses are numerous. Not only will they give you a solid degree, but they will allow you to earn that degree without difficult travelling or accommodation costs, and give you the opportunity to self-prescribe your own hours of study around your schedule, maybe even allowing you to earn a living in the meantime.


Luckily, networking has never been easier. Communities have sprung up around the entirety of the world wide web and promise to connect you with people internationally, nationally and locally. It’s important to enter these communities willing to learn, and willing to put up with some less than favourable characters offering advice. It’s simply the nature of the internet. However, find the right Facebook, Reddit or independent online community, and it’s likely that you’ll have a network worth communicating to regularly, one you can learn from and even meet up and partner with select individuals through. The social power of the internet and its effect on social education is almost as important as taking an online degree.


There is plenty of free ebook supplementary material online which simply offers to provide you with some of the best methods of acquiring no cost professional reading. Finding free ebook repositories online can give you an in-depth understanding of your interests, and allows you to read around the subjects you are interested in with the little cost of entry to do so.

Taking this modern attitude to self-teaching can make you a better, more competent person sooner rather than later.


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