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More Than Just Job Stress: The Mental Implications Of An Ill-Suited Career

More Than Just Job Stress: The Mental Implications Of An Ill-Suited Career

It’s no secret that being unhappy in your job can impact your life as a whole. When you spend more waking hours at work than at home, it’s logical your workplace should have a sway on your wellbeing. Hence why there’s so much advice about changing careers to get the life you want.

Yet, many people continue in ill-fitted roles. In some ways, this is due to practicality and fear. We all have bills to pay, so leaving a job without another to go to isn’t realistic. Still, we don’t set up another post because we’re afraid to leave what makes us comfortable. As much as you hate that job, you know what to do; you know the people. It’s an easy route.

But, perhaps you would be less keen to stay if you knew how much impact it could have on your mental health. Far from just making you unhappy, an ill-suited career could have serious lifestyle implications. And, we’re going to look at what they are.

Monotony breeds hopelessness

Perhaps the most notable issue is that of monotony. Comfort is both a blessing and a curse. Your role doesn’t challenge you. Every day looks and feels the same. And, before you know it, life is a monotonous blur. This is a trap we all fall into at some stage, but it’s a dangerous game. Monotony can breed hopelessness, and hopelessness can lead to problems such as depression. If you feel yourself falling into this trap, take action. Make an effort to seek jobs outside of your comfort zone. If you work in an office, get online and search for ‘ag jobs near me’ which allow you to work outside. If you’re a builder, consider a computer-based role instead. Either way, flipping your situation will bring a much-needed breath of fresh air to your days.

Bad workdays stop you embracing other aspects of life

You know how it is; there’s an evening class you’re dying to get to. But, your work days are long, and you never have the energy when the time comes. No matter how strenuous a job is, not liking our careers can lead to increased levels of exhaustion. By comparison, people who love their jobs seem to have much more zest for each day. They leave work pumped up and ready to go. If that’s not the reality for you, it could be a sure sign you need to change your role.

Work stress stops you from sleeping

When we don’t like our jobs, they’re more likely to stress us. And sleep is hard to come by when you’re stressed. While sleep deprivation was once considered a consequence of mental health issues, studies now suggest it could be a leading cause. What’s more, lack of sleep leads to poor concentration, which could impact the quality of your work. And, if work performance decreases, those stress will increase. It’s a vicious cycle you may struggle to break until you take the plunge into a new career.


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