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Moving To A Shared Accommodation? Live By These Integral Surviving Tips For A Happy Stay

Moving To A Shared Accommodation? Live By These Integral Surviving Tips For A Happy Stay

Hostel life is an experience which many cherish and many dread. Leaving your home is a tough task, both emotionally and practically but moving into a hostel or a shared accommodation is even tougher. Living with unknown peers for a long time can be beautiful as well as devastating, so what should one should do to ensure a happy stay? Don’t worry we got you covered here! Follow the article below to find out about six essential surviving tips you need to live by.

Make Friends Among Hostel Staff

You might find this weird, but it’s a very helpful hack. Making friends among the hostel staff have everything in stock with them from soaps and shampoos to extra food. This list includes cook, laundry person, guards and hostel warden who will help get late night permissions, sleep in a better environment and practically make the stay pleasant and more comfortable for you. Whenever you get a chance, go up to them and befriend them with small sweet talks.

Hang Out With Your Roommates

Well, you have to spend the rest of your university days with these roommates so make sure you spend ample time with them. Get to know them, make them your best friends and hang out with them whenever possible for a conflict-free stay in the student accommodation. Plan trips, go on shopping sprees, go out for movies and more and also help each other around the room for a delightful stay. While you are staying at Linthorpe Hall 248, who have the best amenities stored for you such as TV and table games, you can spend time with your roomies there as well without any hassle.   

Learn To Avoid People

You would want to learn this art while you are staying in student accommodation. You will spend time and live with many types of people. Some will be shy, some loud, some emotional and some aggressive. You cannot keep on fighting with everyone who irritates you, so learn the subtle of art of avoidance. When you feel the strong urge to yell and shell out on a person, it’s better to read a book, listen to your favourite playlist, go out for a change or sleep it out. Once you are done with the activity, you will feel much better.

Say No To Conflict And Peer Pressure

It’s normal for teenagers to feel peer pressure which drives them to do the most horrible and dreadful tasks of their lives. Try to get rid of any such feeling of being forced which might lead to bad decision-making. Also, there will be certain students who will try to make you a part of a conflict for no reason. It’s important to keep your senses on high alert to avoid any such situations where you might fall prey to peer pressure and conflicts.

Make Yourself Comfortable With Things That Annoy You

We have certain things in our lives which annoys us to the core. Well, now that you are living with lots of people, keep such annoying things at bay to have a lovely stay. Get used to snores, smelly feet, noisy neighbours and noisy sleepers. Sleeping with earplugs on is the first step towards better sleep. Also, if you can take naps whenever possible, it will be beneficial. Here, making friends will help as well as you can tell them about your issues and get it sorted.

Yes, moving out of your home means moving out of your comfort zone, which means that now it’s time to face the world like a big person. Use these tips to your aid to find peace and comfort for a happier hostel stay.

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