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Moving to Pittsburgh for College

Moving to Pittsburgh for College

When moving to college you need to plan everything carefully to ensure you get all your things packed and moved. Being organized is very important. Make a plan and stick to it. There are no excuses. Start writing everything down prior to moving to Pittsburgh. And remember, it is ok to be exited – there is a great adventure ahead of you.

Take care of the paperwork

Before you start tossing your stuff into the boxes, make sure you’ve taken care of any official procedures needed from university or campus that you’ll be attending. Do it as early as possible. This will make the whole process of moving to Pittsburgh much easier.

Make an inventory and pack your belongings prior to moving to Pittsburgh

How much you pack will depend mostly on how you plan to travel to Pittsburgh. Our recommendation is to hire a good moving company. This will allow you to move easily, securely and without much hustle. Look for Pittsburgh movers and cut yourself some slack!

  • Think about what you need vs. what you’d like to take. Essentials are items that you need almost every day and ones that can’t be obtained easily or without spending large amounts money. Items that are a “nice to have close by” are those that you don’t use as much or things that you can purchase easily.
  • Start the packing process with items that you don’t use as much, and make sure to label everything, or you will get lost after moving to Pittsburgh.
  • Limit the number of shoes, clothes, and some heavy and bulky items. Pack items that can serve multiple purposes. Don’t over pack. You don’t really need five jackets and two coats. Or do you? If you have tried to lose some items from the list, but you really can’t – look for storage units in Pittsburgh. Ship some items in advance to make the whole process easier.

What will your new dorm room or apartment look like?

This right here is the fun part – believe me. It is a chance to change things a little bit. A new beginning – new you. If you are moving off campus, you will probably need to furnish your apartment. And that is just great. If you are moving to campus, you don’t want to go crazy with the planning and expecting too much, because remodeling of any kind is strictly prohibited in most college dorms (even if you think the alterations would make the room look better). Also, check your campus website for a list of banned items to avoid any problem and extra transportation. But you can still add your own personal note to it. Just be little creative. Try to enjoy moving to Pittsburgh – it is your own adventure.


Getting in touch with your roommate is a great way to start getting involved in social life on campus before you even get to it. And – this person is likely to be your first college and your lifelong friend.

Knowing who is your new roommate is also very practical when it comes to the planning. You will find out what each of you is bringing to Pittsburgh. Maybe you can bring the TV into the room and she can bring the fan. You can plan your new room color theme, find out something new about the college and make more new friends. So, don’t be shy!

Don’t forget your childhood friends and parents

Before moving to Pittsburgh for college, say goodbye. Organize a party or a family reunion lunch. Your parents will want to take many pictures, and you will be happy to have these pictures for the life. Say goodbye to your best friend. Remember the old times, listen to your favorite music and tell stories. Make a plan to visit each other. And – don’t be sad. Even if you are moving far away everyone is just a call away. Keep that in mind before panicking about moving to Pittsburgh.

Move in early

College websites will often tell you where to pick up your key and where cars can pull in for unloading and later for parking. The website may list if there is anything scheduled for students (welcome speeches, campus tours, etc.) who just got to Pittsburgh.

If there’s any way to move in earlier than the official move-in day, do it! It will be much easier without crowds of people doing the same thing. You don’t need to be in the middle of all that panic. This will also give you more time to explore the campus, get your bearings, visit the bookstore, unpack, and meet new people after moving to Pittsburgh. Try to unpack on the first day you arrive. The exhaustion that follows unpacking may tempt you to throw up your hands in frustration. But trust us – it is a great idea to make your space functional, while you’re in the move-in mode. As the days pass, you will not have as much time as you may think.

Get to know Pittsburgh

Cost of living in Pittsburgh is lower than the national average, and that’s great news for the college students. It will be much easier to get around if you own or know someone that owns a car, but public transportation is there if you don’t have any other options.

Make new friends, and start exploring the city! There is so much to learn about it, and you can’t ever spend too much time outside. The first thing you should know is – Pittsburgh has its own slang. It may sound a little strange after relocating to Pittsburgh for the first time, but you’ll pick it up before long.

Moving to Pittsburgh is the perfect opportunity to take your first ride on a funicular. It can take you up to a neighborhood with splendid views, and this is a great way to learn about the Pittsburgh history. This city is known as ‘’The city of Bridges’’, so go check out the skyline or watching the sunset.


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