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Paths To Success – The Options After High School

Paths To Success – The Options After High School

If you are quickly approaching the end of your time at high school, you are probably trying to figure out what you want to do next. Asked your teachers and parents for advice? They will probably advise you to try and get into college and pursue an academic path after high school. But is that really the best option for you?

Going to college after high school is certainly one of the most popular routes to take after high school, but there are quite a few different options that you might want to consider. That’s especially the case if you don’t feel like you would benefit from any more studying or aren’t up to the challenge that further education would bring you.

Here are some of the best paths to take after you finish high school. Once you are on one of them and start working hard, you are sure to achieve success and will be set up for life with some useful knowledge and experience!

College Or University

First of all, let’s consider the option of college as it is such a popular opinion. There are so many colleges and universities out there, such as USC, where you will be able to get a top-class education. You will walk away with some great qualifications and credentials that will certainly make you very employable. This is the only route you can take if you want to go into a highly skilled job when you are older, such as a doctor, vet, or dentist. One thing to bear in mind is that you will need to get certain grades to get into college or university. The educational establishment will set their own entry requirements. You need to make sure you work very hard in high school to make sure you meet them if you want to go down this path!

Vocational Programs

If you don’t think you have a future in studying and would prefer to do a more skilled job, then you might want to consider some vocational programs. These are, more often than not, in jobs that require you to know a trade, such as carpentry, cooking, or plumbing. Even though you will still need to take some classes as part of these programs, they are largely hands-on and practical, so are often better suited to those students who didn’t perform so well at school and high school. Towards the end of these programs, you will usually be given a work placement to shadow a qualified professional who works in the trade that you are working towards. That way, you will have plenty of on-the-job experience before you are qualified, which will make you very appealing to most employers.


If you have always wanted to work in an office environment but don’t think you could get into university or college, you might want to think about taking an internship. Internships are largely practical courses that will last for anywhere from a month up to a year. It gives you the chance to work in an admin, editorial, or receptionist position and to learn on the job. You will be supervised throughout the internship and will be taught everything you need to know to make it in the office world. At the end of the internship, the company might offer you a full-time position. Don’t worry if they don’t, though; you will be able to apply for jobs elsewhere, and having completed an internship will make you very employable indeed!

Straight Into Work

Of course, there is no reason why you do need to get some qualifications after high school if you do not want to. After all, you could always go straight into work. This can be a very rewarding path in itself and will even give you the chance to get an income straight away. People who go to college or take up an internship won’t be on a full salary until they are qualified. At least if you go straight into work, you can start earning straight away and put all of your hard-earned cash into important life savings. Unfortunately, though, you might not find it easy getting a job with just your high school qualifications. Some employers expect more from their new hires these days. You might find that you have to start right at the bottom on a low income and work hard to get all of the promotions that take you to the level you want to be.

The Military

Have you ever thought about joining the military? This can be great for students who don’t do quite so well academically and who love physical exercise and a very structured routine. The training you will receive in the military can be very demanding, and at times it can be repetitive as you will need to practice certain skills and carry out certain exercises over and over again. Some people love the mental and physical challenges that are thrown at them in the military and can really thrive in this kind of environment. However, it isn’t for everyone, so you should think long and hard before you do decide to commit to a future in the military. Normally, you need to serve a minimum term before you are able to leave. There are some paths in the military that can gain you qualifications too and can lead in a full-time job.

Take A Gap Year

If you still aren’t really sure what you want to do after high school, you might benefit from taking a gap year. There are various things you can do during a gap year, such as go off traveling, volunteer, or try to earn some money. Lots of people find that taking a year out gives them a chance to find themselves and develop some important life skills. You might even return a lot more mature and ready for the world of work!

So, which route do you want to take after high school? Any of these above should lead you to success!

Success Outside of Class

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