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Personal Style — Quick Fashion Tips for the Millenial

Personal Style — Quick Fashion Tips for the Millenial

This article is the first edition to what will be a 3-part series in as many weeks. In this series, I will address “Personal Style – Quick Fashion Tips for the Millennial” “Personal Style – For the Male Millennial,” and “Personal Style – For the Female Millennial,” (with the 3rd article being written a female fashionista.)

Let’s begin.

Personal Style – Why worry about it?

Our personal style is the first means of communication we have with the world. Though many of us are Millennials, we must be cognizant of any negative generational stereotypes. While the argument can be made that stereotypes exist for a reason—the law of averages—we can combat some of this negativity immediately by making a great impression.

How do we do this? We dress well.

I often hear, “Dude, it’s just college. It doesn’t matter what I wear.” Not only is that wrong, it’s incredibly naïve. What most of these bros don’t realize—or at least admit—is that regardless of status, student or recent graduate, their style is a reflection of their self-respect, habits, and personality.

You’re being judged.

This happened.

This happened.

People will pass judgment to form their first impression of you. You can sit and whine that this is unfair and shallow or you can accept it. This is human nature as it’s hard-wired into our brains to make assumptions based on what we perceive. Right or wrong is irrelevant. Be smart. Use this judgment to your advantage. Your personal style represents an aspect of your personal brand and is as important as having good hygiene and using proper grammar.

Don’t get angry…I have good news for you.

This is actually quite easy as a Millennial.

Think about your friends’ and peers’ average outfit. Students? Primarily sweatpants, hoodies, school gear, beat up baggy jeans, and yoga pants. Recent grads? Your friends are probably a little better. Most guys seem to understand that a polo and dark jeans look better than a t-shirt and the light jeans they’ve been sporting since junior high, while most girls now know that yoga pants are only acceptable indoors and when they’re actually doing yoga. And no, Lululemon doesn’t make a difference.

I have a special place in my soul dedicated to tearing down the idea that sweatpants and anything with an elastic waistband are acceptable outerwear. These are to be worn to/from the gym only.

That being said, next week, I’ll tackle some quick updates to any guys’ wardrobe. Sorry, ladies, but your article won’t be here ‘til April 4th. Tell your boyfriends, brothers, and male friends. I know how much you hate it when they look like a slob.

See you next Thursday.


Samuel is in charge of products & content for Undergrad Success. Most days he’s figuring out how to spend less time working than he already is. When he’s not on the beach in Oceanside,CA, he lives online at http://hershberger.co/ where he coaches young men and women looking to get unstuck in their lives.

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