Prepare for the Tough Job Market While at University: 4 Pro Tips - Undergrad Success

Prepare for the Tough Job Market While at University: 4 Pro Tips

Prepare for the Tough Job Market While at University: 4 Pro Tips

When your university or college journey comes to an end, all you want is to get to the job market like most people. This next milestone in life is not easy, though. The job market is quite flooded, and securing a position is proving to be hectic. 

Fortunately, you can boost your career while still in university to make you stand out among your peers. So how do you go about it?

Utilize the University’s Career Services

Take advantage of the university’s careers service to boost your career. It’s a hub full of resources and opportunities to prepare you for the job world. It could be simply getting advice about your career field or writing your CV. 

The advisors will spend quality pinpointing the areas you need to improve. At least, this is where you can get honest and genuine feedback. 

Consider Taking up a Volunteering Role 

When you reflect on your college life, what would you want to remember? Having lifelong friends or going through the whole college life is a worthwhile highlight. But in today’s dynamic job market, making a difference in the community will earn you a badge. 

According to AmeriCorps, Volunteering gives you 27% higher chances of getting employment. Employers are 85% more likely to ignore resumes of candidates who do not have volunteering experience. 

Volunteering does not only enhance your resume but also makes you stand out among your peers. Volunteering helps you grow your learning. You’ll gain real-world experience and develop other skills like problem-solving, time management, and leadership. 

Volunteering through charity establishments allows you to explore your career path. You can also get invaluable career advice from nonprofit professionals. 

Such experience broadens your thinking, and you can manage to impress recruiters during a job search. 

Complement Your Degree

Having a university degree under your belt can be fulfilling. But the competitive job market is always looking for something extra.

You can study online to show moves in your career. By developing new skills and knowledge, you can secure a job pretty well. For example, a dental assisting diploma can blend well with a degree in biochemistry. 

Complementing your university degree can help you gain relevant knowledge and skills to undertake jobs related to the course. 

Have an Outstanding CV 

Typically, you only have six seconds to impress your recruiter. So, ensure the first impressions are awe-inspiring. Start the CV with a summary of your skills and crucial accomplishments. 

The personal profile should tell the recruiter who you are. Emphasize your results by using quantifiable data to depict your capability. For instance, “I helped my company boost their sales by 25%.” 

But as you quote figures, ensure you’re honest and realistic. 

Customize your CV to suit the job description and convince potential employers why you’re the right candidate. 

The Bottom Line 

Every graduate desires to make the first cut and get hired. But you cannot ignore that the job market is dynamic, with stiff completion. If you can adhere to these four points, you’ll have a higher chance of getting employment after your final year.


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