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Preparing for an Interview? Here are 7 Things You Must Never Say

Preparing for an Interview? Here are 7 Things You Must Never Say
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A wrong move at an interview can land you up to a position where your achievements might not work for you. And, you surely do not want that? Until there is a case where you want to spoil your interview and make the recruiter let you go for not a very fair reason. It is important that you make the employer understand that you are interested in the job, but you can sabotage your chances just by uttering some not so employable things at an interview. Here is a list of seven things you must never say at an interview.

You have an updated resume that you have completed with a professional help or seeking help from resume samples online. Next, you get shortlisted for an interview and it is the day. As a job seeker especially if you are looking for a job for the first time, you should know what to say at an interview. You might get a hint that even if you were offered the job, you would not join, but get screwing up the interview makes no sense. Rather, there is a polite way of telling your recruiter the same. Until you feel insulted be humble at an interview. On the other hand, if this job means a lot to you and you need to get through then you must avoid using some phrases that can land you in trouble. Here is a list of seven things you must never say at an interview:

“I am the Perfect Fit for the Job”

You know about yourself. Correct! But you do not know much about the company or the team you are going to supposedly work with. And, honestly the job ad that made you come to the interview misses out on a lot of information. You will have to leave this to them. Only the employer can decide if you are the perfect fit or not. Also, sentences like these sound unprofessional and ignorant.

“I Just Need a Chance to prove myself”

You would never want to get hired because they recruiters feel sorry for you. They do not have to. Everyone needs a chance, you do not have to necessarily say it. They are only going to hire you when they believe in your expertise and if they believe that you can understand their current position and help them by making a positive contribution in the right way.

You are not looking out of charity. You are looking out for a job that matches your skills and you have the ability to do it. Be confident in your knowledge and skills and get these sentences off your mind each time you appear for an interview.

“I Would Love to Work for You”

Sometimes, the interview can become conversations and you are completely in awe of the interviewer. Your head has only one thing in mind “I would love to work for this person”. Keep this sentence inside your head and do not let it go out of your mind especially through your mouth. Your excitement of working under this manager can actually kill your chances. You will hurt your credibility. Understand that every manager has problems.

“If Selected, I would Work any Hours”

Do not grovel or beg for a job. It is not only unrealistic to give up on your personal life but, you also lose your credibility in the eyes of the interviewer. Using these kinds of phrases will display lack of confidence and undervalues you. You should be able to convey your value in your creativity and brilliance.

“My Last Company Was Not at all good”

No matter how bad your last job was, never bad mouth about your last company. It is considered unethical and can land you to trouble. This usually turns up when you need to answer the common question of why you leave the last job. Your tone should be somewhere in between neutral and positive.

“It is on my resume”

You don’t want sound like someone who is arrogant and hardly cares about the interview. Then never use the above mentioned phrase. If the recruiter is asking you something that you feel is on your resume, then the purpose of asking you is that the recruiter wants you to share deeper details about the same. Instead of referring the recruiter towards your resume, use the opportunity to shine out.

“So, What Does the Company Do?”

The recruiter form of this question is “I haven’t done any research” and hence they decide you are not interested. You should be better than this at framing questions. For example, if you want to know details about the company you could start with sentences like “I know that your company is into making clothes, do you even distribute them? “


It’s important to entice with your value and attract the recruiters to call you for the next round of questions and so on offering a job to you. You should look interested and not desperate. Understand the thin line and you are ready to get through.

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