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Public Speaking Has Never Been So Easier- Check Out Best Tips!!

Public Speaking Has Never Been So Easier- Check Out Best Tips!!

Just think of a situation- You need to deliver a 1-hour presentation at the annual conference of the company. The company has chosen you for your confidence and better communication skills. You are just about to speak up about your topic… but Alas!! You are getting nervous!! You are not able to say a word as soon as you went on stage!! Why? Is it because of stage fear or is it due to the fear of public speaking?? Not sure, right?? Read further to know more…

Public speaking, as we all know is considered as one of the most important skills for achieving excellence in different professional as well as personal fronts. It helps in influencing decision makers, changing the status quotient as well as growing up meaningful relationships. In the above scenario, it clearly depicts that the presenter failed in giving his presentation or rightly saying he failed to speak in public.

It has been observed that majority of the people are able to communicate better when they get a chance to speak to a limited number of people. The same thing, when they need to deliver to the mass of the people, they get nervous and get trapped within anxiety. Briefly stating, they are able to create an authentic connection in the private areas, but at the same time, they just fail when it comes to giving public presentations. In order to get rid of this, public speaking training courses could definitely help you out, but at the same time to overcome this fear and enhance the ability of public speaking you need to follow some of the tips. So, below are listed those helpful tips:

  • Get organized: A better organization is necessary! This is necessary because as you organize all your thoughts and materials, you will feel more calm and relaxed. Clear organized thoughts can greatly help in reducing the speaking anxiety as you can better focus on just one thing that is giving a great speech.
  • Practice and prepare well: Nothing could be better than practicing your speech repeatedly and preparing well. Just write out a script of the key points and avoid speaking it word-to-word. Also, have a thorough knowledge of your subject so that you can answer any possible questions asked to you. 
  • Watch yourself in the mirror: This is necessary, as practicing the speech in front of a mirror would make you feel like you are speaking directly to someone. While speaking in front of a mirror, focus on your facial expressions, your gestures, your body movement and how welcoming you appear as well. Gentle expressions and calm demeanor will appear to be more welcoming to the audience.
  • Focus on patterns: As you start speaking, try to get into a rhythm or a flow. Make sure that your sentences are short and up to the point. A short pause in-between the points could help the audience in differentiating what you are going to say next. 
  • Record your voice and learn from it: Next best thing you can do is recording your speech on a phone or a video camera and talk from beginning to end. Listen or watch the recording and make your notes on how to make it better.
  • Eliminate fear of rejection: It is necessary that you eliminate your fear of rejection. You must not focus on what audience would think as you start to speak, you just need to focus on what you are going to speak. Make up your mind that the audience is there to listen to you for a reason and they are interested in listening you.
  • Relax: Before delivering your speech, you need to relax and let go all your stress. This will help in easing your body and will make you less tensed. For better relaxation, you can meditate few minutes before your presentation as it helps in clearing your head from all negative thoughts.

Thus, following the above-mentioned tips can help you the best way to overcoming the fear of public speaking. Also, following these tips regularly can help in enhancing the ability of public speaking to a greater extent.

Author’s Bio: Daniel Clark is an experienced senior content writer and likes to share his ideas on the must have soft skills for the working professionals. Also, he is associated with one of the best public speaking training courses. With the above post, he is sharing some of the significant tips to overcome the fear and enhance the ability of public speaking.


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