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Why Pursuing a Job In the Military Doesn’t Have to Mean the End of Your Education

Why Pursuing a Job In the Military Doesn’t Have to Mean the End of Your Education

If you enlist in the army, navy, or air force, you are nearly certainly guaranteed to have a job until you are prepared to retire. Going into the military is a career move that millions of citizens have chosen to pursue directly out of high school. Of course, there are military college programs that are not only designed for active enlistees, they go hand in hand with students that want to continue their military careers. For instance, if you want to go into computer engineering and your plan is to stay on active duty, you can go to college and use your education to move up in the ranks. As an active service member, your continued sacrifice is vital to the military and the nation.

Here’s why going into the military doesn’t require you to give up on your educational dreams.

You Can Go to School Overseas

When you’re in the military you can receive orders to pack up and move out at any time. This means that you could be shipped from Dover Air Force Base to Germany, or be required to make a shorter trip over to Fort Dix. Either way, your studies will not be interrupted if you take a military college program that allows you ample flexibility. Going to school overseas while you are in the military is also an option. Talk to your commanding officer about how you can complete your education while you are enlisted.

Computers Make Education Accessible

Whether you’re just getting out of basic training or have just finished up your first tour, you might already be thinking about your education. Being on active duty requires you to think on your feet and watch your fellow soldier’s back, but there will also be periods of downtime. It is possible to study at any time and place, thanks to computers. Consider what classes you can take online and what courses you would rather take in person.

The Military Needs Highly Educated Enlistees

There are military doctors, military lawyers and IT professionals who keep computer systems secure, and even high ranking military officials who go on to serve in politics. Knowing how to shoot a gun and perform hand to hand combat is important, but that’s not the only way that members of the military go about neutralizing their targets. Becoming more educated and using your brain for problem solving purposes is a big part of warfare as well. When military recruiters go out and talk to high school students and young adults about what they’re going to do with the rest of their lives, they are sure to mention that the military is diverse and that their possibilities are endless.

You may be decorated with medals and honors, and become promoted several times over. It is possible to lead a great career in the military while still doing more to further your education. You can stay with the military for decades, or stay long enough to rediscover your love of learning, or lastly, you can do it all.


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