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The Most Romantic College Campus Spots

The Most Romantic College Campus Spots
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When you think of a typical college campus, the first thing that comes to mind is probably an Animal House style toga party or a Saturday afternoon football tailgate. But not all campus traditions revolve around parties and sports. Many university grounds have a romantic legend or two associated with their history, which may make them the perfect destination to take your date this Valentine’s Day. Don’t believe us? Check out these romantic college campuses from around the country.

Romantic Campus Spot #1: The University of Michigan Engineering Arch
|The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is known for its legendary football team (full disclosure here: I happen to be a huge fan of said legendary football team) and picturesque college campus. If you’re visiting with your sweetie and you think it’s time to pop the question, you may just want to do it under the Engineering Arch. Rumor has it that any couple who steals a smooch under the arch at midnight is destined to walk down the aisle together.

Romantic Campus Spot #2: Kissing Rock at Carthage College
Do you want to let your crush know you’re into him? Then tell him to meet you at the Kissing Rock at Carthage College. Decorated in graffiti, tradition demands that a woman has to kiss any man who finds her sitting there. (Yep, it’s kind of like year-round mistletoe.)

Romantic Campus Spot #3: Botany Pond at the University of Chicago
Botany Pond is the perfect campus destination for biology majors looking to observe the local wildlife … or suitors who are ready to pop the question. It’s a popular urban legend on the U of C campus that anyone who kisses on the bridge that spans the pond will end up tying the knot.

Romantic Campus Spot #4: Crim Dell Bridge at College of William & Mary
This romantic spot at the College of William & Mary has an up side and a down side. Lovers who walk across the bridge together will be forever joined, but those who pass alone are destined to be single. Oh yeah, and if you do decide to give your partner the heave-ho, you’ll have to do so literally. Tradition states that if a woman wants to fall in love again, she’ll have to toss her ex over the bridge and into the water. (Come to think of it, maybe this spot is one you’re better off skipping.)

Does your college campus have any romantic traditions? Let us know in the comments below!

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