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If You’re Not Shopping Through This Site You’re Wasting Your Money

Updated: 12/7/2016 – Sponsored by Swag Bucks

lg_swagbucks-honeymoon-couple-240x160These days, everyone is trying to save money. Most smart households take advantage of credit and debit card rewards programs, where you earn points every time you make a purchase using that card. Once enough points are accrued, you can redeem them for free travel, gift cards and other useful items. But what if there was a way to virtually double up on your rewards – without any extra work or hassle. There is – through new online rewards programs. One of the most exciting of these is called Swagbucks. The rewards work much like credit or debit card versions, but with many more opportunities to earn their “Swag Bucks,” which can be redeemed for great rewards. To start, sign up for free and Swagbucks automatically deposits 30 digital dollars into your account. You then get multiple opportunities to earn more free points, through activities such as referring friends to the site, downloading the Swag Bucks Toolbar, uploading a profile picture, and more. Other opportunities for free bucks include daily polls, playing games, answering surveys, watching videos, or responding to email offers. There are no restrictions on these free Swag Bucks; they can all be used toward your reward redemptions. In addition to earning digital dollars for free, you can earn even more digital dollars by making purchases at any of Swagbucks’ partner websites. From Best Buy, Kohl’s, and Wal-Mart to QVC, Expedia, and more—every major name store or website, as well as numerous fun, lesser-known boutique portals are all part of the Swagbucks community. The Breakdown Say you’re visiting family in San Diego and you need a hotel room. You want a nice, inexpensive room, and you normally use a site like Hotels.com to find it. Fortunately, you earn 4 bucks per dollar spent if you use the Hotels.com link on Swagbucks. Here’s just one booking example:

  • 4-star Premiere Guestroom with a King Bed
  • $116 per night, for three nights: $388.83 total
  • Swag Bucks Earned: 1,536

For 1500 Swag Bucks you can get the choice of a $15 Amazon.com gift card, jewelry and clothes, top name electronics, school supplies, or tons of cool entertainment items. You can also save them, earn more bucks through other purchases and free offers, and redeem them when you have enough points for higher payouts—like $50 and $100 gift cards for major name stores, airlines and more. Rewards add up fast, and with no real work on your part. If you already book travel online, buy flowers and gifts for family and friends, or make purchases at stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Old Navy or The Home Depot, then it only makes sense to go through the Swagbucks links and earn these additional rewards. The catch? There is none! You still use your regular rewards credit or debit card to make the purchases, so you get your rewards points from the credit card company and then again from Swagbucks. The prices are the same through the Swagbucks links as they would be if you went to those websites directly. The bottom line is this: If you’re going to be buying things for yourself and your family anyway, why not get as many rewards and discounts as you can? It just makes smart money sense. Click here to sign up for free and see how easy it is to earn Swag Bucks.