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School to Uni: Skills Needed for a Successful Transition

School to Uni: Skills Needed for a Successful Transition

There is no doubt that the step up from school to university can be a big and daunting one. This is a transition which can be difficult to prepare for, and there are a number of skills which are worth developing and sharpening up. In this blog post, we are going to give you a few ideas of the type of skills and techniques which are worth testing yourself on. Even if you are already at university, you may well find some things in here which prove to be useful to you.

Advance Study Skills

Even at the highest level of school, there tends to be a lot of hand-holding and direct support when it comes to the things that you should be learning and studying independently. However, when you make the move up to university, there is much more of a sense that you are on your own. There are a variety of subskills which fit under the umbrella of advanced study skills including researching, analyzing, listening and comprehension. There are plenty of websites out there such as writingsamurai.com which can help you out to develop these. Ultimately, you need to become a lot more self-reliant when it comes to achieving the type of success that you are looking for.

Time Management

When you are at high school, you are likely to find that your time is very well managed for you, and there is not a lot of veering off this schedule except when it comes to completing your homework and exam preparation activities. However, when you go to university, you may only find that a few hours a week are accounted for, and the rest of the time is yours to spend it as wisely (or unwisely) as you would like to. So, try to get into the habit of setting out what you will be doing on a weekly basis. You will find things so such easier to handle and manage in this way.

Motivation and Self-Discipline

We have already touched on this point throughout the article, but if you want to do your best at university, you need to have plenty of motivation and self-discipline to go above and beyond when it comes to your research, essay writing, and exam preparation. And this may mean saying no to the social side of things when you know that there are other assignments which are proving to be pressing on your time.

Note Taking

A lot of university standard education involves lectures. If you don’t take proper notes, you will find that you forget big chunks of the content which you were told. This may mean that you need to devise a new system involving colour coding to ensure that the most crucial bits of information don’t pass you by.

As we talked about at the start of the blog post, the transition from school to university can be tough, but these are just some of the ways of making it that little bit smoother.

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