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Entitlement is often frowned upon, but I take issue with this. All too often, people define entitlement as a sense of self-righteousness and arrogance. What if I told you that entitling yourself to success is beneficial?

Before we can achieve success, we must recognize our opportunity to claim it. Claiming the opportunity for success, however, also involves accepting the alternative reality that is failure. While it is acceptable (and highly encouraged) to believe we deserve success, we must realize that any failure is also our responsibility. The arrogance associated with entitlement is that it is often undeserved, but is it still arrogant if a self-entitled individual works hard for his or her success?

Let us think about it this way… Hard work and entitlement can (and should) be complementary. We cannot entitle ourselves to success without accepting the risk of failure associated with it. Hard work accomplishes all things worthwhile and is the only means by which one achieves true success.  Paths to success are enabled through winning mindsets. A winning mindset is a belief in your ability to get things done.

It is by this line of thinking that I have entitled myself (you may too!). No one is going to give me any handouts. Success must be earned, but it is far more difficult to earn success without previously entitling yourself to it, within your mind and within your heart.

At my young age, I have learned that powerful beliefs can take you anywhere. To harness positive beliefs, you must free your mind. There are too many other worldly obstacles, both tangible and intangible. Tangible obstacles include things such as negative people, workspace limitations, and money. Intangible could be the attitudes of others and negative mindsets. Negative mindsets will not only limit but may also disable you from achieving your goals.

Contrarily, positive beliefs enable winning mindsets. Such mindsets allow you to continue moving forward, never settling for too long.  Beliefs push you outside your comfort zone and drive you to be your best. You WANT to succeed. You do not “kinda-sorta” want it. “Oh, I’ll succeed tomorrow.” No. You are losing sleep when you are not achieving. This want is so deeply rooted in your core. It occupies your mind when you are awake and plagues your dreams when you are asleep, never leaving your mind for more than a few moments.

Do you see that entitling yourself to success eliminates inhibitors?

Strong positive beliefs allow you to look past obstacles as if they are not even on your “success radar.”

Believe in yourself. Entitle yourself. And reap the rewards.


Samuel is in charge of products & content for Undergrad Success. Most days he’s figuring out how to spend less time working than he already is. When he’s not on the beach in Oceanside,CA, he lives online at http://hershberger.co/ where he coaches young men and women looking to get unstuck in their lives.

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