Undergrad Success Services


Let’s be honest. You can find the information you need to build your résumé on our site and in many other corners of the Internet…for free. We know how much of a pain that is though, so we take the hassle out of the picture.


Résumé Services

Résumé Review
We review your résumé and provide feedback including suggestions for improvement. With the consultation, we also include a suggestion moving forward as to whether or not we believe you should invest in a résumé build.

Résumé Build
Simply upload your résumé, answer a few questions, and we’ll have a response back to you in 2 business days.

Résumé Build (Job Specific)
This is an add-on to the Résumé Build. Provide us with a job description and we will customize your résumé for that position and create a version optimized for applying online.

LinkedIn Services

LinkedIn Profile Review
Similar to a résumé consultation, we look for any loopholes and to provide feedback which allows you to improve your profile at your leisure. Moving forward, we provide a suggestion as to whether or not our profile build service is appropriate for you.

LinkedIn Profile Build
Your profile gives employers, recruiters, and professionals an impression of exactly what your professional background is. It’s essential to “do” your LinkedIn right. That’s why we’re here. We build and optimize your profile from scratch based off your answers to a few questions and our future communication with you. Again, we take care of the hassle and you walk away with an awesome profile to show off.


Interview Prep

Basic Interview Prep
Send us your résumé and the job description for the position you’re interviewing for. We will provide insight on the types of questions the recruiter will ask and how to respond. We can contact you via e-mail correspondence or one half an hour Skype session. You will be contacted with 24 hours to set up a time, or with e-mail feedback.[/one_half][one_half_last]In-Depth Interview Prep
Send us your resume and the job description for the position you’re interviewing for. We will conduct a 45 minute Skype mock interview and provide feedback on your performance. You will be contacted within 48 hours.[/one_half_last]


Client Testimonials

Rob, Product Engineer
The help I received from Undergrad Success was a key to me landing a lucrative internship while in school and a promising career now that I’ve graduated. Their knowledge of the professional world and what employers look for in a candidate ensured that my resume demanded attention to make the first cut and that I could confidently highlight my most important attributes in interviews to stand out among the other candidates. With the number of competing applicants these days, you have to stand out because average is getting brushed aside.

Grant, Industrial Engineering Student
I had 2 summer internships that had great results. The problem was that I wasn’t conveying my success to my resume. I sent my resume to Undergrad Success and had them revamp it. I took my resume to the fall career fair and scored an interview with John Deere. After my interview I asked them if they had any questions for me. Their response “Where did you learn how to draft such a great resume? The information you placed on here is exactly what we are looking for. We would love all of the applicants from UW-Platteville to have a resume like yours.

Mike, Journalism Major
When I submitted my resume to Undergrad Success for revision, I had every confidence it would be improved. The process was painless and it was exciting to see it evolve.