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Setting up the perfect study space in your dorm room

Setting up the perfect study space in your dorm room

It’s that time of year again; all over America, thousands of students will be embarking upon their first taste of freedom as they head to college, or return to complete second, or even third years of study. While course work, exams, and required reading should form the bulk of your time at school, it can often be difficult to hang on to that motivation. The perfect study space should help, at least in part, and whether you’ll be taking up residence in a dorm, or look set to experience the delights of a shared student house, these top tips will help you to create that cozy corner in no time.

The importance of a personal study space

So, why is a study space so important? After all, if you can complete an essay with a laptop balanced on your knees, and a cup of coffee in your hand, why should you bother changing your routine? Now, while that particular study technique may work for you on the odd occasion, it’s absolutely essential to create a dedicated space for the long term; it’s so much better for your posture, concentration, and overall education if you take the time to perfect your study space now, rather than later.

Of course, there’s more to setting up a study space than simply shoving a desk in the corner and lining your shelves with a few books. You’ll need to carefully plan every aspect of your room, be prepared to minimize distractions and opportunities for procrastination, and endeavor to keep your new study clear and clutter free.

Creating the perfect study space

First things first, you’ll want a desk – where else are you meant to create those epic essays, plan your future, or snack on a tasty treat in between chapters? You’ll also need an ergonomic chair, which will support your body as you study, protect your posture, and provide a degree of comfort during those late nights and long hours.

Storage should be towards the top of your to-do list, and you can never overestimate the importance of filing systems, well-ordered shelving units, and bookcases. Finally, think about lighting. Chances are you’ll be working in your study space during all hours of the day and night, and throughout the seasons, so it’s important to consider how it will look and feel during those different moments. Make the most of natural light with window shutters, harness the power of a desk lamp, or utilize fairy lights if you’ve no space for a freestanding light. Controlling your interactions with light is one of the best ways to help concentration.

When it comes to designing the perfect study space, emphasis should be on comfort, the furnishings and equipment you need most, the light you give yourself access to, and your room’s ability to limit distractions. The trick is to make the most of the space that you have – use corners to create reading nooks, hang curtains to divide spaces, or use shutters to control the flow of natural light entering your room. You’ll be studying hard in no time.


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