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Signs Your College Partying is Out of Control

Signs Your College Partying is Out of Control

Drinking, drugs, and partying seem to have become a part of campus culture. While having a few drinks and jamming to music with your peers is not a crime, for some students it can get out of hand causing a downward spiral for their college career. Habitual use of drugs and/or alcohol can begin to affect a person mentally and physically. Hangovers, lack of concentration, and poor school performance are just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, some students end up suffering from substance abuse and addiction, which takes their lives down a very different path.

But how do you know when you’re partying too much? Is there a way to tell? And what do you do if you’re in trouble? Below is a bit of advice to help you out.

Signs Your Partying Has Gone Too Far

Being too much of a party animal can really be bad for your health and education. If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the below signs, it will be imperative for you to seek help to get back on track.

You’ve Started Relying on Alcohol or Drugs

Maybe you were a social drinker or smoker in the beginning, but after being exposed to a few campus parties, you’ve started drinking and/or smoking more often. If you find that you can’t get through a day without a drink or need a joint or two to get you through the day, you’re developing what is referred to as a substance dependency. Dependency can quickly lead to abuse and finally addiction. If your drugs and alcohol intake has increased, it is important that you seek substance abuse treatment for young adults so that the addiction does not wreak havoc on your ability to complete college successfully.

Your Grades are Plummeting

Time management is a crucial skill to have in college. Each student is responsible for their own education and poor management of time could cause your grades to slip. When you’re constantly partying and consuming substances that alter your brain chemistry, you’re not getting adequate rest, nor are you providing yourself with adequate time to study and complete assignments. Showing up to classes late, turning in assignments after their due date, and not putting your best foot forward could result in poor grades.

You’re Sick Often

Your body needs as much rest it can get – especially when you’re in college. If you’re too busy partying to tend to your health, it can begin to manifest in ways you never imagined. Failure to get enough sleep, for instance, can lead to a weakened immune system which would make you susceptible to illnesses more often. Getting sick more often, of course, leads to poor attendance.

Your Friends Address the Matter

If a group of your friends approaches you about your partying ways, it’s probably safe to say you’re doing a little more than you should. Naturally, your friends like to have a good time as well, but they also want to succeed academically. So whether they approach you because they’ve noticed an increase in your substance use, or they’re simply tired of you stammering into the dorm room in the wee hours of the night, you need to get it together.

The first year of college is often the most trying. The newfound freedom and interest in social events can make it challenging to pass up. This is not to say that you should enter college and never accept an invite to a good time. However, what must be understood is that too much partying can lead to serious consequences on your health and your education. If you’ve read the above signs and realized that you’re partying too much it’s not too late to make a change. Buckle down, prioritize, and ask for help if necessary.


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