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A Step-by-step Guide for Choosing a Forklift

A Step-by-step Guide for Choosing a Forklift

First of all, a forklift must be matched as close as possible to the tasks it will be performing. So, first of all, it is important to consider where and how it will be used. This would seem quite obvious, but often the decision of the purchase of the multi directional forklift is taken on very different reasons, for example: “The forklift, which we already have, seems to be working well. Perhaps we can acquire the same one” or “We will ask some of our drivers and buy the one that they will advise”.

Of course, the advices of the operators are important, but we must take into account other equally important factors. Today we tell about how to properly choose the multi directional forklift that you really need. To simplify the description of the algorithm of the choice, we will consider only narrow aisle forklift with the counterbalance and the operator’s seat, but a lot of the recommendations can be attributed to other types of forklifts, but you have to take into account and other special requirements.

The given factors are of a general nature, which must be determined or estimated. They can be summarized in a single table, and taken as a basis for negotiations with the dealers and sellers of technology. You may not give an exact solution, but by following these guidelines, you are entitled to take into account the most important of them and choose the multi directional forklift that best corresponds to the tasks for which it is acquired.

Assessment of working conditions

Analysis of the factors of choice is best to start with an assessment of the physical conditions in which operates the forklift. If possible, determine what will be the conditions of its operation in the next 3-5 years. As a rule, the service life of a multi directional forklift is 6-8 years, but in many enterprises it is possible to extend it to the half or more.

Particular attention should be paid to the nature of the trails and floor (road) surface on which will move the multi directional forklift: on this depends the choice of tires and the machine performance, the conditions of the work of the operator, conditions of the transportation of the cargo (for example, the presence or absence of shaking motion) and other factors. If the multi directional forklift is working in hazardous occupations, it must have a special design.

The terms of Usage

  • Indoor
    • Loading ramps, platform (loading and unloading of trucks, railway wagons);
    • Warehouse (the height of the upper shelves, racks);
    • Industrial building;
    • The floor surface.
  • Outdoor
    • Concrete cover;
    • Asphalt;
    • Gravel;
    • The dirt;
    • Areas closed roof (height ceilings);
    • The existence of obstacles and barriers above.

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