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Taking Action Following Your Summer Job Or Internship (Part 3)

Taking Action Following Your Summer Job Or Internship (Part 3)
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This is the final part of a three part post on making the most of your summer job and internship. Part 1 focused on reflecting on your learning and Part 2 looked at how you build confidence from your experience. Insight now needs to be handcuffed to pragmatic action to increase your employability. This post is about taking personal responsibility for action to achieve your next job or career step.

Back at college following your summer job and internship, you may be wondering ‘what next?’ or feeling stuck. It’s easy to fall into the trap of not taking action to bank the gains from your experience. Procrastination can be the warm woolly blanket of our childhood. It feels safer doing nothing, after all, you have plenty of time before graduation. Except, woolly blankets are scratchy. Scratch the itch and you’ll feel more comfortable.

With independence comes responsibility, as only you can decide what is best for you. That attitude of mind and sense of ownership can drive you to take action. Instead of standing still, take some personal risks with your job hunt and career exploration in line with your values and beliefs. As management thinker, Richard Pascale, says – “act your way into a new way of thinking, rather than think your way into a new way of acting.”

Making the perfect decision can be an illusion. Making poor and good choices, experiencing failures and successes, are what makes us human and it is from doing that we get our wisdom. So why fight it?

Make a decision to do ‘X’ or go to ‘Y’ to open up the possibility of choices, new horizons, ideas and opportunities. Do nothing and you’ll get the same again or the environment around you will change without you on board. It’s a judgement call.

Here are 6 ideas for action:

  1. Get a testimonial or reference from your summer employer
  2. Write a testimonial for your employer’s organisation and show you are a raving fan
  3. Send a thank you letter
  4. Revisit your resume and update with examples
  5. Seek introductions to contacts in ex-colleagues’ networks
  6. Stay connected on social media

What have you done today to make your goal or dream a reality?

What would you do if you knew you would never fail?

Can you think of anything that will stop you from making your first step?

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David Shindler is the author of Learning to Leap, a Guide to Being More Employable and co-author of 21st Century Internships: how to get a job before graduation. An experienced personal and professional development coach and consultant, David helps individuals, teams and organizations build the people skills and mindsets they need now and for the future. He runs the Employability Hub (free resources for students and graduates).

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