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The History of Nursing

The History of Nursing

When it comes to learning about history, it can influence many areas in our life, including what we choose to do as a career. Many people choose to go into nursing as a field of study, and it’s one of those roles that only certain people are cut out to do. It requires a somewhat selfless individual to be able to give up so much of their time to this practice. Nurses tend to often go beyond the call of duty and are also seen as caregivers for emotional support too. That’s why it’s important to celebrate their presence and all those who have pioneered for change over the years.

Marymount University Nursing has released an infographic that helps understand and acknowledge those who made history for nursing. Dr Marie Zakrzewska helped create the first professional nursing program in the country, and Linda Richards was the first graduate to finish the program that Dr Zakrzewska created. The infographic explores significant points in the past 170 years of nursing, including the introduction of the American Nurses Association’s National Nurses Day. There’s also information on the importance of nursing education and how it will hopefully grow in the future.

There’s a lot that we can learn from our history, and it’s important that we continue to pass this knowledge down to future generations. Celebrating such influential figures like Florence Nightingale and Mary Mahoney is important to ensure they remain prominent in our history books forever. Take a look at the infographic as there’s plenty to learn about when it comes to the history of nursing.

Infographic Design By Marymount University Nursing


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