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The Next Chapter in Your Life

The Next Chapter in Your Life

Your days of college are winding down to the last few weeks. While you’re anxious to start your own life out in the real world, you can’t help but feel a bit anxious. After all, for the last 4 to 6 years, you’ve had a sanctuary that made you feel secure. The good news is that your next chapter in life will be just as secure and filled with many memorable moments.

Planning your Future 

Your parents already have plans for your graduation party well underway. They’ve found a caterer, searched endlessly, found the perfect pop-up tents online and have a guest list complete. While all that’s going on, you’re planning for your future. You hired a recruiter and now play the waiting game to see what companies are interested.

The Interview 

The first interview is always the hardest. Unfortunately, you’ll have to impress from the start to remain in the running for a second and possibly third interview. Doing research on the company ahead of time will allow you to enter the talks with an understanding of what the company does. You’ll also want to be confident in your abilities and have a positive attitude. Preparing prior to the interview using a series of typically asked questions will allow the interview to move along smoothly without any bumps. You’re basically telling the person who conducts the interview why you’re the best candidate for the position, selling yourself. In addition, have a few questions of your own prepared. This will tell the company that you’re interested.

What to Expect on Your First Day 

The first day on any new job can be as terrifying as the initial interview. You already have the dress code and company policies. However, you may or may not have met the manager you’ll work under. The first days are often filled with confusion but don’t worry, the second day is much easier. Just be yourself, dress for success and remain positive. You have the skills to do the job. Try to also keep in mind that you’re in an entry-level position. As you learn and you impress with your work you’ll be able to climb the ladder.

Don’t Start off Wrong 

This is your first place of employment in the professional world. It’s important to always do your best so that in the event you decide to look for another job, you can use this company as a reference. Coming in late, missing many days or even constantly complaining are all things that an employer views negatively. Instead, be prompt and open-minded to tasks, even if you feel they’re beneath your skill level.

The Workspace 

Many entry-level positions don’t have beautiful offices with doors like you see in many movies. More than likely your space will be a cubicle next to other cubicles. While it’s not ideal, especially if you sit next to a person who likes to chat, it will give you goals. Keeping the workspace clean and organized will also improve your level of efficiency. You should also avoid eating at your desk. If you get several breaks throughout the day, take that time to get up, stretch your legs and walk around. You’ll come back refreshed and clear-headed.

Learn Everything 

One of the most important things a new employee should do is to learn everything they can. If the opportunity comes along that they need someone to do additional work, take the assignment. The more you know the more valuable you become to the company. This way when a new position becomes available you can apply with confidence.

Your college years may be now behind you. However, a bright and prosperous future lies ahead.

Success Outside of Class

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