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The Top Games Coming in 2018

The Top Games Coming in 2018

Are you a video gaming buff and can’t wait for FIFA to release each year? Do you want something more? Looking forward to the top games to play this year?

We have got the list you need. Gaming today is a lot more than just having a controller and a bug screen. It’s about graphics. It’s about excitement. And it’s being as close to it for a real-life experience as possible. That’s why some of the games today come with VR technology, to help you experience gaming in ways you have never thought of before.

Even if you are playing online games, like one with a Caesers casino bonus code, you would know that gaming today is a lot different than what it was even half a decade ago

The Top Games You Can Try Out This Year

In order to keep up with the enthusiasm and excitement of dozens of popular games released in 2017, the new year of 2018 is bringing with it some amazing new releases in the realm of video games.

The new games coming up in this year are the perfect combination of fresh creations and sequels to many sought-after games of the previous years. Without wasting any more time in suspense, let’s have a look at the top releases to happen in the year 2018.

  1. Action Lovers Will Love It!

Topping the charts currently is Battle Tech developed by Jordan Weisman. For people who are die-hard fans of combats involving pilots, this will be a big surprise for you. It is tough, needs strategy and planning and is bound to keep you glued to your PC for hours in order to crack it. The next most awaited game for 2018 is The Crew 2.

We bet, the fans of The Crew, which released in 2014, will be more than just elated to hear about the release of this new game. It is going to be as exciting as its prequel but with some additional and mind-blowing surprises just for you.

  1. Good Strategy Games After a While!

For the gamers who prefer something other than hardcore action and conflicts, Concrete Genie will soon be here to engage you with its magic, charm and mysteries. You will be completely and utterly enchanted by its marvelous concept of creating living art to fight evil forces.

  1. The Games that Put You In the Story

Playing video games is all about your mind and your focus. So, when you add the component of testing your intelligence by adding riddles to it, what do you get? You’re right! Darksiders 3 is no more a distant story. This wonderfully genius game will soon be released this year to reunite you with the much awaited Four Horsemen.

The Other Contenders

Some other popular video games to be released include Fe, Dreams, Detroit become Human, and Where The Water Tastes Like Wine. Then there is Crackdown 3, which is the ultimate game of destruction, as well as The Last of Us Part 2 – there is really a lot as a gamer to keep you busy exploring and playing.


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