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The Transformation from College Student to Working Professional

The Transformation from College Student to Working Professional

After graduating from college, many students will be ready to jump into the job pool and put their degrees to use. However, the unemployment rates for young adults between the ages of eighteen and twenty-nine is over nine percent, and two million young adults have given up on finding work because of the lack of jobs. Many college graduates end up feeling that they did not study hard enough, or that they made poor choices, or that they should have begun searching for a job sooner. Fortunately, however, there are still many opportunities for college graduates in the active field, leading to fifteen percent becoming managers in the field and eighty percent optimistic about being hired.

Being prepared is the best way to begin looking for work. Students are strongly encouraged to focus on their current skill set and tailor each resume for each specific job. Interview preparation is paramount, especially considering over forty-two percent of employers say that they are unsatisfied with graduates who come to the interview process without being fully prepared. This lack of preparation can significantly impact new graduates prospects and future opportunities.

Soft skills are also a very important to highlight in the hiring process. Ninety-eight percent of all employers say that they value communication skills, while ninety-seven percent believe that a positive attitude is important as well. While these skills are difficult to quantify, it’s important that new graduates leverage best practices to illustrate their eagerness and communication skills, including sending follow-ups and a hand-written thank you note to the interviewer.

To learn more about the challenges college graduates are facing and the transformation that must take place for them to succeed, checkout the infographic below created by Abilene Christian University’s Online Masters in Higher Education program.


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