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Things that Make a Good Employer

Things that Make a Good Employer

When you finish University, and you start to act on the career path that you have been planning since joining the university, it can be hard to find which employers are good, and which are bad. Some may seem ok at first, then show their true colors once you are signed up and working for them, whereas on the other hand, some are wonderful! It can be a gamble, but that are signs you can look out for as a potential candidate that can help you find the good employers.

They are Good and Honest

This is a big but obvious need. An employer that is good and honest is well, a good employer. Are they very vague with their job descriptions, what exactly you will be doing once you start the job? Are they very vague when it comes to previous employee feedback and more? Are they solid on the pay structure or are they giving very vague margins on what you will be earning? All of these factors show a bad employer. A good employer will be upfront, from the start, about what the job will entail, and what you will be doing. They will show you exactly how much you are going to be paid for the job and also show you the breakdown. Is it a salary structure, or a paid by the hour structure? All of these things would be discussed by a good employer, so keep an eye out for that!

They Offer Good Pay and Work Benefits

This is another obvious but big factor when it comes to looking for good employers. How is their pay like? Are they paying the legal national or minimum wage? Do they comply with the other companies in the market with their pay? Is it less or more than? Keep this in mind when searching for employers, and really do your research before putting in your application, as another company could offer the same role, for much higher pay.

Offer a Great Working Environment

Having a good working environment is key to enjoying your job. So, if a company does not have the best working environment they are not the best employer. This matter can be quite subjective, for example, if you work in a factory setting then the working environment needs the right equipment and safety in place. Whereas another office may have cushions and soft play areas, something that companies like Google and others are famous for adopting. 

They Meet all of their Legal Obligations

If a company does not keep on top of its legal side, then they are not a good company to be employed by. Firstly they may be hiding things from you, like wages and how much you need to be paid. If you are ever in a scenario where a company withholds your wages, then you would need to hire a company that is skilled at handling wage theft cases, so that is why it important the company you want to work for is on top of their legal sides.

Share the Good Times as well as the Bad

Lastly, it is easy to dwell on the bad times, but a company that embraces the good times is a great employer! 

So, next time to go and look for your first job outside your degree, always watch out for the good employers, and stay away from the bad!


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