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Three Ways International Students Can Afford Studies in Canada and the USA

Three Ways International Students Can Afford Studies in Canada and the USA

International studies are an incredibly popular avenue for many college and university students. The chance to live abroad, study in a different country, immerse yourself in that country’s culture, all while learning a select set of skills and knowledge can seem very exciting. Unfortunately for many would-be international students, the costs are just too high. It’s much more than just tuition and books to worry about; it is also the living expenses which can be extremely high depending on the area they are attending school.

If you’ve been eyeing an education in either Canada or the USA, and live outside of those countries, there are ways that you can help make your international student years more affordable, and thereby possible. Let’s take a closer look.

Look into International Student Loans

A great place to start is by researching international student loans and scholarships for international students. MPower Financing is a great example of a company that offers students loans specifically for international students who wish to study in the USA or Canada. MPower Financing even offers DACA student loans, really covering a wide range of potential international students.

With an international student loan, you can use the funding for tuition, books, insurance, food, housing, and transportation. Just make sure you apply for adequate funds so you don’t run out during your studies.

Apply for Multiple Scholarships

It’s also important to realize there is no reason you need to just apply to one scholarship. As they say, you should never put all your eggs in one basket. Instead, spread your prospects out and apply for multiple scholarships.

Often students have their eye on the big scholarships that will cover their entire program, which means there will be a lot of competition with these ones. If you apply to a number of smaller scholarships instead, you can still cover the costs of your studies, plus there doesn’t tend to be the same amount of interest – or competition – in these smaller funds.

Don’t Choose a Big City

Another tip is to look at schools that aren’t located in a big city. Big cities are synonymous with high costs of living. Take for example colleges and universities in the cities of New York City, Boston, Seattle, San Diego, and Providence. Each of these are known as some of the most expensive places to study across the United States. If you’re tight on cash, pick a smaller, more affordable city. This doesn’t mean you have to make any sacrifices where your schooling is concerned – it just makes things a whole lot more affordable.

Some of the more affordable cities in Canada are Abbotsford, BC; St. Catharines, ON; Laval, QC; Moncton, NB; and Sherbrook, QC. Meanwhile, in the USA, some affordable options for international students include the cities of Salt Lake City, UT; Oklahoma City, OK; Buffalo, NY; and Des Moines, IA.

Making International Studies Possible

By using these tips, you may not have to let go of your dreams to study abroad in Canada or the United States.


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